A few months after showing up alongside Ninja, this time Drake moved up a gear by investing heavily in .. 100 Thieves.

NA attracting big stars

The year 2018 will undoubtedly remain quite remarkable for Nadeshot and his team 100 Thieves. Arrived at the NA LCS thanks to the sponsorship of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the new team quickly made an impact on the American continent. In the Spring Split, the team climbed to the PlayOffs final to become vice-champion of the NA LCS. If the Summer Split was a little less successful, the team funded by Nadeshot still finished in fourth place.

100 Thieves

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Even better, less than a year after its creation, the team even managed to qualify for the World Championship Season 8 even though they finished third in the group. Everyone can agree on the fact that these first months were more than successful and no one could have predicted this success.

This Incredible season of the team has attracted the attention of Drake. A few months ago, the world-famous Canadian rapper had made an appearance alongside Ninja on a Fortnite stream, with a peak of more than 617,000 simultaneous viewers, proving his interest in the industry. Today, come a much bigger news compared to the last one, since the star performer comes to invest in the Thieves 100 organization, alongside Scooter Braun (agent / producer notably behind Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber or Martin Garrix).

This goes even further, as Drake and Braun become co-owners of the Thieves 100 organization, alongside Nadeshot and Dan Gilbert (Cleveland Cavaliers). We must now keep an eye on all this, because in parallel with the League of Legends team and its Fortnite players, 100 Thieves could make another big news in the coming few weeks.

100 Thieves Drake

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TSM investment

Team SoloMid’s parent company, Swift, raised $ 37 million, including investment from Stephen Curry and Jerry Yang in June.

Forbes revealed that Swift , the parent company of Team SoloMid, has raised $ 37 million, including the investment of NBA star Stephen Curry and billionaire Jerry Yang , co-founder of Yahoo.

The company said it would use $ 10 million for investments and acquisitions in the gaming sector, as well as $ 20 million for franchise fees from the team and to build an esport facility in Los Angeles. The remainder will be used for other Swift services such as Probuilds analysis tools.


Credits: Dexerto

The investment of Stephen Curry and Jerry Yang , included the participation of:

  • Bessemer Venture Partners , the oldest venture capital firm in the United States.
  • Telastra , an Australian telecommunications company.
  • Steve Simon , the son of the owner of the Indiana Pacers in the NBA.
  • Andre Iguadala , an NBA player playing alongside Stephen Curry at the Golden State Warriors.
  • Steve Young , former NFL player entered the Hall of Fame.
  • Eric Xu Young , the co-founder of Baidu, the largest Chinese search engine.
  • Colin Carrier , Twitch Group Strategy Director.

This just shows how much League of Legends has made an impact in the NA region.