The LCK is considered the toughest league in the competitive world of League of Legends where arguably the best teams compete for supremacy. These teams host some of the most talented players in the competitive landscape. A few hours ago, one player has inducted himself in the history books.

Kim ‘Deft’ Hyuk-kyu has managed to reach the astonishing figure of 1000 kills in the LCK. This incredible feat has been accomplished by only eight more players in the history of the competition.

Currently, the South Korean player competes in the ranks of KINGZONE DragonX. He accomplished this record against his old team. The 1000th kill took place during the first game of the series against KT Rolster. He has competed for KT for two seasons and showed his old side no mercy as he finished 5/1/8 on Ezreal.

In the second game, Deft added seven more kills to the record after a great game with Kog’Maw. Due to his great performance, he won the MVP title of the game, which is his twelfth of the Spring season. Deft is currently leading the ranks of winning the most number of MVP titles in 2019.

Despite a rather difficult start to the season, KINGZONE DragonX has managed to link several victories and will be one of the strongest teams in the LCK playoffs.

Deft enters history books

Deft made his mark in the elites of the League of Legends of Korea in 2013. In those days, he represented Samsung Galaxy Blue. There, he won the title of the LCK and also reached the World Cup final. He lost to Samsung Galaxy White, the sister team of the organization.

Later, he left South Korea in the hope of finding new challenges and triumphed in China with Edward Gaming. At the local level, he did well and even won the MSI in 2015. However, in the World Cups he was not so lucky and in his two years, he was eliminated in the quarterfinals.

In 2017, after competing in China, he returned to his country and signed for KT Rolster. With this team, he managed to win LCK once, in the summer of 2018. On the contrary, the 2018 World Cup was an absolute disaster for the Korean team. KT lost in the quarterfinals to the eventual champions of the competition, Invictus Gaming.

Currently Deft and Kingzone sit at the 3rd place in the LCK. There is a slight chance that the team might just finish at 2nd and compete for the title against Griffin. They will find tough times against the 2nd ranked SK Telecom T1 which has shown incredible form in the past weeks. Nonetheless, we can’t take away the spotlight from Deft, who surely deserves to win the league title. He has shined throughout the campaign and has exhibited time after time that no matter where he plays, he will emerge victoriously!