In the previous edition of this article where we were talking about climbing the ELO rankings and were showing that though it is an uphill task but not an impossible one. We are back with some more tips to get along with the previous ones that may help you in getting what was once considered a dream only. So, let’s not just waste our time in the intros again and get straight to the point.

Put It On Mute

Communication is the key to success, and sometimes the more you communicate the more easily you will complete your objectives. But that will kill your aim to reach to the top of ELO as most of the times venomous and heated exchange of words will shake your confidence, shift your concentration and eventually waste your time. So, it is always recommended to mute the vocals and focus on what your objective is.

It is pretty hard to count the number of games that you lose trying to give reason to your team members about your actions. And you need not to be an expert to know that such efforts do not end well 90% of the time. And if you do not help your team members or are playing on your own, they will burst onto you with some really nasty words, making you tilt the game or will tilt them out of the game. So, it is always recommended to mute, to get an easy time in the game.

Dodge Your Teammates

Dodging is highly recommended when you foresee that you have less chances of winning ad will become a laughing stock at the end or when you are teamed up with people who do not accept the circumstances easily in the Champion Select. They will get furious if they do not get their favorite character or if they do not get the position they like to be in.

However, it is not the only case where you could Dodge your team. In a case where the Champion you have mastered is either banned or has been taken by other before you could do; it is suggested not to try your luck with any other Champion you have no confidence to play with. It is much better to hit the X button and leave the room rather than having a game under pressure and a possibility of losing points.

Take Rest When On Tilt

Everyone has heard that but does the same mistake over and over again just to try their luck in getting back their form. Just when you have a bad game you go for one more trying to redeem yourself and snatch those lost points back. That, obviously, don’t work every time and players end up in a malicious losing more points.

Just when you get stomped in any game, let it be your own mistake or a combined effort to lose the game, it is advised to get lose and try something else to relax yourself even if it takes a whole day. Not doing so will keep you standing there, rather you will end up losing more points and you won’t be able to have any success going up the ladder. You need to know when it is your time and when it is not.

Playing Other Roles

You cannot move up the ELO ranks until you have all the aces under your belt, or at least a couple of them. It is great to be well aware of a few champions because in the lobby there always is a chance that you might not get your favorite role and you do not want to be on the tilt, in that case, you must switch your position and play another role for your team.

But when playing another role, it shall be kept in mind that the champions being chosen are low risky and low rewarding, so that you end up playing with the champions which you do not have to carry all the time and can escape easily. Doing this you can still have an impact on the game.

Having Vision

Just forget what you know about Pink Wards, they are not only for supports. Get them (costs only 75 gold) and learn to use them. It can save you from death, once or twice to be the least. Additionally, warding objectives can help you know about the location of the enemy “Jungler”. Map awareness is an essential aspect of the game, and with only 75 Gold, you can be of utmost help to your team to keep the vision of important objectives Drakes and Baron Nashor.

So guys, good luck and keep these tips and tricks in mind and we hope that they will help you in climbing the ELO ladder every time you would try.