League of Legends is one of the most famous multiplayer online battle arena game. The game has been around for more than 10 years and almost every gamer knows about it. However, due to the diversity of the game, it has 148 champions to play with and it becomes really hard for the newbies to select a better champion. Here are the best champions plans for each lane and role discussed for the newbies in League of Legends. 

Top Lane

For the beginners, the Domacian warrior Garen is the best choice for Top lane. He could prove really well in this case as he is very tanky and can deliver heavy punches during team fights. Moreover, the passive ability that provides him extreme health region also lets him stand in the team fights and take a lot of damage. He can prove very well for the newbies as his combos are very simple and straightforward. If you are new and finding a champion that could stand in fights and deliver the most, Garen is the best choice for you.


For the Jungle, Rammus is the best champion choice for beginners. His abilities are extremely user friendly to use as there are very fewer chances of missing your aim in a team fight. Rammus is extremely reliable against heavy physical damage dealers and his ability Taunt lets all the enemies attack you. The more enemy attacks you during the taunt the more they receive the damage. This is how you force the enemies to kill themselves. Similarly, this rolling lizard is also very easy to handle and thus it is a great choice for the beginners. 

Mid Lane

If we talk about mid lane that is the most crucial lane in League of Legends, Annie is the best champion for the newbies so far. Annie is super easy to handle in the lane and can easily be used as a threat to the enemy team. Its passive ability that stuns the enemy can be used in a very useful way to secure early kills in the lane. Although Annie is not so tanky and could not handle much of physical damage, you can always leash your Tibber (Annie’s Ultimate) on the enemies.


Talking about attack damage carry, Tristana is the best option for the newbies. The long-range attacks and really strong early game provides you the best opportunity to dominate the game. Her Explosive charge spell could be used to push the lanes very fast and efficiently. Similarly, she can also dodge the enemy ganks very well with her Rocket Jump.


For the last pick, Sona is the champion choice as support. Most of her abilities are not point-target which makes it very easy to handle. However, her Ultimate is quite tricky but has a very huge cast range. Her Aura boosts your team throughout the game. To get started as a support role, Sona is the best choice you can make as she is the easiest champion of them all.