Riot Games has accustomed users to videos, every so often, delving into the history of some characters, but this time they have taken a step forward. Awaken, with the voice of Valerie Broussard accompanying, has been the welcome that the developer has given to all users of League of Legends in 2019, a shocking and brutal cinematic with Yasuo and other champions as protagonists.

Make no mistake, in reality the League of Legends has little or nothing to do with these videos in which the matches seem perfectly choreographed dances among the protagonists. The game is coarser, slower and less colorful, perhaps that’s why they never stop surprising the fans with this type of videos about the game, something similar to what happened with those of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

An epic cinematic

The cinematic begins with Jhin in an abandoned theater having to face the Noxus army. At the same time, you can see Riven fighting in the arena of what looks like a coliseum against Draven and his axes. The final culmination takes place in a wide meadow in which there are thousands of people, including numerous League of Legends champions fighting against each other : from Karma to Akali, passing through Yasuo and Kennen.

This type of videos arouse passions among the community and in just six, at the time we wrote this article has already accumulated 21 million views and more than 980,000 likes, with a very low percentage of negative votes. Riot Games knows perfectly well how this kind of initiatives work and they are always among their most watched videos.

To keep the community guessing, there are some rumors that the developer of League of Legends would be creating a new game. Some voices point out, almost certainly with more illusion than real information, that it could be an MMORPG (a World of Warcraft or Guild Wars style video game) starring characters from the famous MOBA . Of course in our imagination a game of these characteristics would be something similar to that seen in the video, something that would break schemes.

New ranked system coming in 6 months

After few days release of the Awaken video, Riot announced the changes for 2019, the most interesting one is testing of new ranked system. North America and Korea will be the guinea pigs of an authentic revolution in League of Legends , which will emigrate to the rest of the world after the first split of this season 2019. Both regions will be able to enjoy the rankings by position , a new possibility that generates a rank and matchmaking according to the role played in game.

The points won after a victory will be distributed will have a greater importance in the position played, but it will also affect all the roles, as long as we have completed the positioning games in them. In the same way it happens with the defeats, which subtract points even in our main role although we have not played it.