Finally the update that many players expected, the 9.3 patch of League of Legends has arrived. The notes come with many modifications, which can be grouped into two sets: Nerfs to champions and improvements for critics shooters.

Nerfed Champions

As for the champions, some of the strongest characters in the game have undergone modifications to balance their power: Atrox is no longer healed from the non hero units. Akali has lost her the healing of the Q ability. Camille has lost her superiority in the jungle. Cassiopeia has received a reduction in the damage of her abilities.

However, we are going to focus on the second part of the update, which affects the shooters. Since the middle of last season, ADCs based on critical compositions have seen their power drastically reduced. After the changes of 9.3, the bot lane will be more diverse as many champions become powerful again.

The objectives of Riot Games are concise regarding these changes:

  • Let critical users get excited again with this configuration of items.
  • Teams can rely on critical damage in normal games without causing problems in professional games.
  • That critical users can include defensive items in their build if they need it.

For this, the update focuses on three basic ideas: reduction of the price of items, optimized lanes with greater variety and changes to defensive items that now allow the champion to maintain the damage. The intention is that the crit shooters recover their ability to do good damage in the early stages of the game.

The Modified Items

One of the items that has undergone major changes is the Phantom Dancer. Now it generates a shield that absorbs between 240-600 damage if your life is reduced below 30%. It will not be necessary to sacrifice offensive potential to defend itself, as it happens with ‘Guardian Angel’, ‘Mercury’s Treads’ and ‘Malmortius’.

Another item that has received great changes is the Infinite Edge. The Agility Cloak appears again so it does not force us to ‘save’ so much gold to acquire it. In addition it does not duplicate the critical impact probability but it adds 25% in addition to increasing the critical damage by another 25%. As compensation, it no longer converts 10% of critical damage to true strike or pure damage.

Another item that takes center stage is the Essence Reaver. It recovers it critical damage dealing probability and no longer grants mana per hit. The item retains its cooldown reduction capabilities.The last of the important changes is for the Storm Razor. The item now slows down the target. However, in return, it becomes a more expensive item.

In conclusion, we can say that many shooters benefit from these changes and that Riot Games has opted for diversity in the bottom line. Until now Lucian and Ezreal were the owners of the botlane. However characters like Caitlyn or Tristana could come back strongly to the game.