Riot games are staying behind. Fans get thrilled with the latest news. They announced on 24th May 2021 another novel co-streaming program, the LCS Watch Party Program. Fans do not have to wait long for the exciting program. The League of Legends Championship (LCS) Summer Split is going to begin soon – it will be on 4th June.

Fans wonder if it is an unprecedented program! Actually, no! The LCS Watch Party Program is a rebrand of the LCS’ co-streaming initiative. The hopes of Leagues are focused on deepening its relations with participants and give them more opportunities to go creative in developing content, smite hera engaging communities, etc.

The new initiatives are not an integral part of the company’s operations. They are independent and perform away from the League Partnership Program. The focus will be on developing new content and their content creators will be co-streaming content regularly.

LCS grants permissions to content creators for co-streaming. But the company is not going to grant this permission automatically to LPP members in the future.  

Fans are expecting great surprise as to what will the inaugural of LCS include! For them, it is worth mentioning here that the inaugural LCS Watch Party roster is going to include Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, Nick “LS” De Cesare, William “Meteos” Hartman, Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi, and Moe “Yassuo” Abdalrhman, Christian “IWDominate” Rivera.

Who doesn’t know North American esports organization FlyQuest? It is already popular but by co-streaming the Summer Split, they will gain more popularity of ggbet.

Seeing interesting participators, the company has released some guidelines for co-streamers if they like to participate in the company’s new program. Here are the guidelines:

  • The official LCS and Academy games will be only in the authority of the LCS Watch Party Program.
  • It will be the authority of LCS only to extend invitations.
  • All guests on co-streams must abide by the guidelines.
  • Guests need to obtain approval be approved from LCS.
  • Guests must be at least 21-years-old.
  • Only people speaking English and Spanish can enter co Co-streaming in recent moments.
  • More languages will be added soon at the discretion of LCS.
  • Co-streamers cannot do any changes to commercial segments or disparage sponsors or partners.
  • Co-streamer sponsors may be accepted if they do not conflict with LCS sponsors.
  • Only those co-streamers will be accepted who are not on the restricted sponsorship list (pornography, drugs, liquor, gambling).
  • The viewership data for the time of co-streaming any LCS and Academy broadcast must be provided by the co-streamers to the LCS and Academy (a third party will automate this).
  • The LCS has the right to use co-streaming content for broadcasting and marketing purposes.
  • Co-streamers should include the relevant hashtag in their stream title.
  • This is the stream title: (#LCSWatchParty, #AcademyWatchParty)
  • LCS reserves the right to accept or remove access in the program to co-streaming for any streamer.

The participants must follow the guidelines. Anyone who denies to follow them will suffer from removal. This is not an acceptable situation for any streamer. So, they should avoid it!