The Irish Midfielder David Meyler is a FIFA freak and has an advantage over all of us that he can play as himself in FIFA19. He explained that he always refer himself in third person saying the if he’s playing as a player who is not as good as him, that will go to Real Madrid unlike him who’ll go to Coventry instead. He added that he often complains about him and his uselessness and said that now he knows how his manager feels about him.

Even with the shortcomings of his character in the game, when he plays himself, Meyler usually wins. David told that he started playing FIFA 98 when he was just 11 years old, a best of three series with his friends back in Ireland all of the time and he loved every bit of it. He played it till he came to England as a professional footballer.

In the season 2016-17 he made up his mind that he’ll get to a point where no one would be able to defeat him. And after spending hours on his technique, he is somewhere near that promise that he made to him. He has already beaten those who made prediction about his failure, so, when he finally retire he could become a professional footballer who would be a professional e-gamer too.

David continued saying that if you ask 100 footballers about their future for what would they do after retirement, 90 of them would say that they don’t know it yet. He said that he is not committing to e-gaming only, he is working for coaching badges as well. And when time will come, he’ll decide which way to go but FIFA is always going to be a part of his life.

David Meyler has his own YouTube channel with over 350,000 subscriber for FIFA tips and how to improve the game, which indicates about his presence in the e-gaming industry. That is not a surprise though, as FIFA is a big name now. For instance, the first ever ePremier League competition was held at Gfinity Arena, specially constructed for e-gaming in West London, thousands of gamers took part in the qualification round out of which 40 made it to the Gfinity representing each of 20 Premier League Clubs.

Meyler was disappointed that he could not make it to the ePL this year even as a spectator as he was playing for his club Coventry against Barnsley. Meyler said that there is Pro Player Card that EA Sports give to professional players who play FIFA, only if they reach a certain level. They give away 100 in each edition and if you have one, it’s party time in the dressing room. Last time he heard was when there were 625 pro players all across Europe waiting for their card upon reaching the set threshold.

He concluded his talk by telling about the McGeady Spin skill and said that he actually performed that on the field and he does it on screen as well. Every football ground he visits, he gets occupied by the kids asking for selfies and telling him that they too can do the McGeady Spin. The thing which makes him happier is that he’s getting all the fame for performing a skill of his former Sunderland colleague Aiden McGeady who does not play FIFA.