Evil Geniuses have obtained the services of top laner Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon who previously played for Dignitas. Soon after the completion of Spring Split, Dignitas declared that Huni would explore other choices.

Evil Geniuses will be Huni’s seventh team in his professional career. Starting his career in Europe with Fnatic, Huni then moved to North America to join Immortals. Huni came to Korea afterward to play with SK Telecom T1. There he and SKT managed to get the second position in the World Championship. Huni stayed in Korea only for one year and then moved back to North America to play for Echo Fox, Clutch Gaming, and Dignitas.

EG Roster for summer 2020

In spite of the fact that Evil Geniuses may incline toward Huni instead of current top-laner Colin “Kumo” Zhao. It is difficult to predict the path he will play on and his playing time on the primary roster in the Summer of 2020. EG’s LCS mid-laner Daniele “Jiizuke” di Mauro and Academy mid-laner Ahmad “Giyuu” Charif is the imports as well. EG is now compelled to utilize one import opening on that job. Second-group All-Pro ADC Bae “Blast” Jun-sik is the other import, which means EG would need to substitute in ADC Matthew “Deftly” Chen to play Huni on their LCS roster.

Notwithstanding, with the arrival of Huni, Evil Geniuses are now able to play long games. On the paper, there is a fine chance that if Huni begins over half of his games either in the LCS or LCS Academy, he qualifies for North American residency. Huni could be on EG’s Academy list this Summer with the goal of making him their new North American resident LCS top laner in the following year.

Huni the perfect fit for Evil Geniuses

With a long history of incredible performances of carrying, Huni has earned himself a piece of respect, however, it is additionally reasonable to wonder that he despite everything still has that equivalent potential. His last incredible individual split return was in 2018 Spring with Echo Fox. What has followed has been fair for his norms. His 2020 Spring was one of his most noticeably terrible yet, as he positioned in the bottom half of LCS top laners in KDA (2.0), kill support (55.7%), gold distinction at 10 minutes (- 65), XP contrast at 10 minutes (- 227), CS distinction at 10 minutes (- 4.3), and harm every moment (391).  

In any case, Huni’s numbers contrast well with Kumo’s, particularly thinking about that Kumo was playing with a superior supporting cast. In spite of the fact that he was playing in just his first split as a full-time starter, Kumo has successfully been notified that his performance should improve as his agreement is set to lapse toward the finish of this current year.  

Evil Geniuses are set to be active when the LCS commences the Summer Split on Friday, June 12. We are hoping to see Huni soon in action.