Heretics pushed out North in a close two-map series in the first round of ESL One: Road to Rio – Europe’s lower bracket to send the Danes into the seventh eighth spot decider.

Tight Victory

Regardless of playing with Jimmy “Unsteady” Berndtsson rather than Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjærbye, who became sick before the end of the group stage and has not returned into the roster yet, North made Heretics bite their nails. The two maps were chosen at the finish of the guideline, with the Swedish mentor figuring out how to stand his ground and even set up several highlights on Inferno. 

With such a tight triumph over North, the Frenchmen finished their winless spell going back to the fourth match of the group stage, in huge part on account of Bryan “Maka” Canda, who had just intrigued numerous in the past stage and kept up a stunning structure as he drove his group to the lower bracket semi-finals with a 1.63 rating.

Nervy Moments

Inferno began as you would expect when a group has their mentor in as a substitute, as North could just win one round in the initial eight after Nabil “Nivera” Benrlitom kicked things off with a quad-kill. After a horrendous individual beginning, Mathias “MSL” Lauridsen ventured things up late in the primary half as he got a triple to start the rebound endeavor and proceeded to include another toward the end, initiating the Danes’ recuperation.

Ahead by only one round, all things considered, Heretics won their second back to back pistol round and dashed away once more, while Alexandre “xms” Forté’s triple kill in a half buy, later on, proved to be pivotal for the French side as they reached the map point. Incredibly, Jumpy spared North’s odds with a triple in a 2v4 circumstance and a quad-kill from MSL helped them to take the match as far as possible off the hands of their opponents, however, there Nivera finished things off with a furry 1v1 grasp.

The Final Push

Proceeding onward to their rivals’ pick, Vertigo, Heretics appeared to struggle early, yet, immediately got themselves on the CT side. Regardless of a 0-4 beginning, the French crew secured the first half 10-5 owing to an effective double AWP arrangement from Maka and Nivera. 

North didn’t go out without a fight once more, with six rounds going their direction once the sides exchanged. However, after Nicklas “gade” Gade won the last with a 1v3 clutch, Heretics began discovering holes in the guard. A key triple at 12-12 from Lucas “Fortunate” Chastang constrained the Danes into a corner and they couldn’t recoup from the financial downfall, with Maka’s crew winning the series at 16-13, 2-0.

Heretics are set to confront the loser of the G2 vs. Astralis match in the lower bracket semi-finals, while North just has an additional 100 points and a $1,000 increment in prizemoney to play for in the seventh eighth spot decider versus GODSENT.