We have talked so much regarding games how to play them how to enjoy them but we have never talked about the hardware aspects. So in this article we will introduce you to the world of gaming keyboards.

If you have just bought a PC or have installed one in your entertainment areas, you will surely have looked at the best peripherals to enjoy your favorite video games to the fullest.

The control and mastery of the characters during the game must be total in order to anticipate our opponents or react in the quickest way to any threat. A good mouse can help us a lot in these cases but it is useless without the perfect companion, a gaming keyboard.

Beyond the backlight, the colorful effects of the LEDs and their design, the gaming keyboard is a type of peripheral of great importance . It has special functions, software configuration and a series of specific keys to improve the user’s gaming experience, adapting to their preferences. Currently we can find three types of gaming keyboard.

Mechanical keyboard

The most common and popular among the players. Its internal structure consists of an infinity number of mechanical switches that form a complete modular unit. This system achieves much precision in the pulsation of the keys, as well as a greater durability is offered to the life of the keyboard.

This type of keyboards have a function that allows you to configure certain types of its parameters. In this way the user can assign functions to various specific keys or program some of their characteristics . They have a high price with respect to the other kinds of keyboards and the characteristic noise of the keys causes the community to be divided between friend or foes of these keyboards.

Membrane keyboard

It is not a specialized keyboard precisely in the gaming market. It is very common to find them in shops or offices because they have great functional versatility. They are very useful for daily tasks and operations. In its internal structure is incorporated a rubber membrane that captures the signal that is given by the user’s pulse and transmits it electronically to the PC.

They are a type of keyboards that tend to have a softer touch. In addition, they are quieter and have greater durability . The membrane gaming keyboard has a low profile, which allows the pulsation not to be faster than what a mechanic can offer us, and falls very short when it comes to offering precision.

Semi-mechanical keyboard

Also called mem-panic. Its internal structure is hybrid . It is a type of keyboard that brings together the best of the two previous models: the mechanism system of mechanical keyboards and the activation of the membrane ones.

It offers pulsation, like the mechanical keyboards, is firm and counts with a lot of precision. But the advantage over these is that they have a much faster activation, characteristic that comes from the membrane. The production cost is much lower than that of the other keyboards, which makes it the most economical option if we do not want our wallet to suffer.