Games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) , League of Legends (LoL) , Overwatch and Fortnite establish a series of rules to maintain the credibility of your competitors. To do so, they have developed oversight over their servers and may temporarily or forever ban players who do not behave well. These penalties apply to both casual players and pro players. Recall the athletes who received eternal bans.

Braxton “swag” Pierce

One of the most famous cases of permanent ban in CS: GO is that of the American Braxton “swag” Pierce . The player, who recently played BLAST Pro Series Lisbon, got involved in a results-handling scandal at CEVO Professional League 2014. At the time, his team, iBUYPOWER, faced NetcodeGuides, an opponent considered easy by the community at large. The swag team was the favorite, but NetcodeGuides beat iBUYPOWER in a suspicious win.

After investigation, it was proved that the players of iBUYPOWER lost as they bet on the defeat itself. Because of this, swag and the others involved were permanently banned from competitions held by Valve.

Jeong “Apdo” Sang-gil

LoL player Jeong “Apdo” Sang-gil, also known as “Dopa”, is considered by many to be the best SoloQ player in the world. Despite playing for a short time as a professional, the player has won the top spot in Korea and China.

Apdo came to play professionally in some teams of South Korea, but had its career interrupted by practice of elojob and toxic behavior . The practices are banned by Riot Games , which banned the player’s main account for exactly 1,000 years in 2013 and still prevented him from playing in the competitive for two years.

Félix “xQc” Lengyel

In the Overwatch community, the nickname of xQc is synonymous with controversy. The Canadian had his account suspended by Blizzard on some occasions due to toxic attitudes, abandonment of matches and misuse of the whistleblower system. In addition, during the start of the first season of the Overwatch League , xQc was also fined a few times, resulting in his departure from Dallas Fuel.

Despite so many scandals, xQc did not receive a permanent ban in Overwatch. Curiously, he suffered this punishment in League of Legends. While playing Riot Games’ MOBA, the player had the same toxic behavior. As a result, your account has been permanently banned from the game.

Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera

One of the oldest and most famous cases in League of Legends was that of Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera. In 2012, when the player was playing for Team Dignitas and the North American LCS was taking shape, Riot Games began to pay more attention to the conduct of its professional players. One of the names that most attracted attention was that of IWillDominate, known for its toxic behavior in the ranks and for having received several reports of other players because of this.

As the player did not change his conduct, Riot Games made the decision to ban him from all his accounts permanently and to prevent him from playing the 2013 LCS, which was considered the first serious punishment of a professional in the North American scenario of LoL.