5. Fortnite has many interesting modes

As in most “battle royales”, you can play Fortnite yourself, with a friend or in a company of four people. However, this variety of shooter from Epic Games does not end there. Developers regularly rotate time modes, in which not only the rules change, but also the gameplay.

Culinary Battle

For example, there is the “Culinary Battle” mode, where two teams need to defend their base and destroy someone else’s. In the “Total Dance Floor” mode, you need to hold points to earn points. You can compete in a team fight 50 to 50 or play 20 to 20 to a hundred frags. There are regimes that impose a restriction on weapons – only sniper rifles, only shotguns, only weapons with a silencer, etc. In some modes, you cannot restore health, while in other players the interface and map are completely disabled.

The choice is very large, and everyone will find something to their liking. In many modes, there is a resurrection after death, so you can not be afraid to die from an accidental hit and too early to leave the match. Another nice thing is that in these modes you can complete quests from the Battle Pass and daily quests for the stars.

Other “royal battles” have their own regimes, but their number is limited, but such diversity is not close. If you are an inexperienced player and are unfamiliar with Fortnite, then in the Sandbox mode, you can single-handedly run around the map, explore all the locations, practice building and shooting.  

6. Fortnite fun

Unlike most colleagues in the genre, Fortnite stands out for its bright colors and “cartoony.” Not everyone will like the last factor, but this does not make the game worse than others. In Fortnite arcade shooting, and in most cases you will not be killed from the first shot, so there will be an opportunity to “reckon.” Ambushes also work well here: you can hide in bushes or in trees, set traps and lure rivals into them. Very often, funny situations come out of this, which then fall into the highlight cuttings.

7. Goodie Skins and characters

Fortnite has many bright skins for characters and gliders, and of course, the game has dances with great music! The latter was a distinctive feature of the “royal battle” from Epic Games. With the help of dancing, you can show off before teammates, express respect to a defeated opponent, or, conversely, laugh at his clumsy game.  

8. Fun to play

Another source of fun in Fortnite is bugs. Unlike other games, here they are not so much furious as they amuse users and casual witnesses. Especially funny when something ridiculous happened to your friend. Sometimes his reaction in the vote chat is priceless. Now there are significantly fewer bugs than in the first seasons, but they still occur.

9. Fortnite ruling the Battle Royale world

In the battle royale from Epic Games, many large and small gameplay chips that you will not find in another game of a similar genre. The main feature of Fortnite is the extraction of resources and the construction of fortifications during combat. With their help, you can not only quickly climb a steep mountain or house, but also build a small personal fort to hide from enemy fire.