About 80 million people play Fortnite every month, including Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Antoine Griezmann, Mesut Ozil, Neymar and other big sports stars. Epic Games love the royal battle for a fun gameplay and a large number of game modes. If you have not tried this genre, here are seven reasons why you need to start with Fortnite.

1. Amongst the best games in the world

In 2018, Epic Games reported that about 80 million people play Fortnite every month, and simultaneous online has already exceeded 8.3 million users. The shooter entered the top eSports titles, even Tyler Ninja Blevins streamed the matches on New Year’s Eve right from Times Square.

Credits: Riot Games

Even the organizers of the Australian Open tennis championship held their Fortnite tournament. The Epic Games “Royal Battle” is so popular that many professional athletes and show business stars play it.

2. Free Fortnite

Until recently, Fortnite was almost the only top-level “royal battle” that you can play for free. Only in December last year, Valve released its Danger Zone based on CS: GO, and in February 2019, the authors of Titanfall presented a shareware Battle Royale called Apex Legends. As for other popular games of the genre, PUBG and Call Of Duty require you to pay.

Credits: Riot Games

In Fortnite, everything is easier – by downloading a client from the Epic Games store , you can play the Battle of the Kingdoms for free and at any time. You will have to pay only for the Battle with the Storm PvE campaign, but this is a completely different game.

3. Play Fortnite Everywhere

Get into Fortnite on Windows, macOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch. Users of different platforms can participate in the same match and team so that you can play with your friends, even if they use another device . By the way, Fortnite has quite loyal requirements for hardware, so you can enjoy it even on relatively low-cost computers.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Credits: Riot Games

In PUBG, everything is a little more complicated. The game from Bluehole supports cross-play and works on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, iOS, Android and PlayStation 4 platforms, however there are a few nuances. Mobile PUBG is a separate shooter, so iOS and Android users can only play with each other. Similarly, console owners cannot play with PC users — only with each other.

Play Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Blackout is possible only on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The mobile version of the game does not hold cross-platform support.

4. Too much content

Fortnite has only one map (unlike PUBG), but it is constantly improving and expanding. Each season there are new locations, game mechanics and modes. For example, to Halloween, developers added magic obelisks with zombies to the map, and you could still move around the location in the form of a spirit.

In different seasons, anomalous zones with zero gravity, a large kinetic cube, a flying island and gaps in space appeared. Once a meteorite fell on the map, and before the premiere of the third film about the Avengers , players fought for the Glove of Infinity to turn into Thanos.

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