Fortnite is one of the top battle royales out there. It is played by millions of players every week. In fact, the game is one of the reasons why the battle royale genre is popular today. It was one of the first few battle royale games that stepped in this world and has since then helped shape the industry into something big. Fortnite also has a huge esports scene, with a tournament that features one of the biggest prize pools in history. Considering the amount of attention Fortnite gets from all over the world, its no surprise that its developers constantly update it to keep it fresh.

Epic Games has a habit of releasing new updates for their battle royale game to add new content to it. So far, they have added a lot of new cosmetic items, weapons, characters, and much more. However, the biggest changes arrive with new seasons and chapters. At the moment, Fortnite is on its second chapter and fans are currently wondering when is it going to end. This is because they cannot wait for the next season to arrive so that they can enjoy some brand new content.

When Will Season 2 End?

The thing which annoyed many players was the length of chapter 2 season 1. It has been around 6 months since the first chapter was swallowed by the black hole, which led to the creation of chapter 2. As for the first season, it stayed around five and a half months, from October 2019 till February 20 of this year. The worst thing about it was that the game was becoming dry as Epic wasn’t releasing new updates during it. Season 2 then arrived, and it brought some fresh content with it.


One thing to keep in mind here is that unlike season 1, the second season isn’t going to stay for months. In fact, it is going to conclude on April 30, 2020. This means that fans will get to enjoy a brand new season in only one month. At the moment, Epic Games is yet to reveal exactly what the next season is going to feature. However, we can expect to see tons of new skins and other cosmetic items. In addition to this, the developers might also be planning to bring some powerful new weapons to spice things up. Another thing you can expect to see in season 3 are map changes. Some locations will either get replaced with new ones, or Epic might just decide to destroy them completely.

Season 3 Can Get Delayed

Considering the ongoing global situation, the upcoming season can get delayed. Various companies have decided to close down their offices and have ordered their employees to work from home to prevent the disease from spreading. If Epic Games follows the same protocol, then we can expect to see some delays. This is because the team working on the upcoming season won’t be able to work at the same speed. In any case, let’s just hope that things get back to normal soon.