Fortnite players get to enjoy new season after a couple of months. Each season introduces some new content and changes to the game, something which players love. Season 9, which was released back in May is about to come to an end, and players are now looking forward to season 10. This basically means that players will soon get to enjoy a lot of new content.

Fortnite Season 10 Start Date

While previous seasons have followed a strict release cycle, season 10 is going to follow a different one. As season 9 is going to be twelve weeks long, it will conclude on August 1, 2019, and players will get to enjoy the next season as soon as it ends. The reason behind why season 9 is longer than the previous season is Fortnite World Cup Finals. Epic Games has decided to make season 9 longer so that they released season 10 once the world cup finals are over.

Basically, every player who is going to participate in the world cup finals is used to the current game’s mechanics. They have carefully practiced in the current map so that they don’t mess up in the finals. As a new season always focuses on making some changes to the game, this will be something bad for the world cup finals participants. This is the reason why season 10 will release once the finals are over. Epic is going to make sure that the finalists play on the meta they are used to.

What Fortnite Season 10 Might Feature

At the moment, we currently don’t know what the next season is going to feature, but we can expect it to work the same as the previous ones. It will most likely modify some areas in the map, thus giving it a new look. In addition to this, while Fortnite season 10 is going to bring new content, players can also expect to see some current weapons and items getting vaulted when it goes live. This is something which has happened in the previous seasons and will most likely happen this time too.

On the other hand, many fans have been wondering what the theme of Fortnite season 10 is going to be. Season 9 introduced a futuristic theme and it basically converted the map into a utopia. At the moment, players have been unable to discover any clues in the game that could give us a hint regarding what we can expect to see in season 10. However, Epic Games is well known for building hype about something a few weeks before its release, so we can expect to see some hints soon.

The Fortnite World Cup Finals are currently scheduled to be held from July 26 till 28. During the past few weeks, Epic Games hosted the qualifiers through which the finalists for the world cup were selected. And now, those finalists are going to compete for a prize pool of $30 million in New York City.