Once again, some top streamers have failed to qualify for the biggest Esports tournament of this year. During the recently held week 4 of the ongoing Fortnite World Cup qualifiers, we got to see some amazing matches. Many new players showed the world that you don’t need to have millions of followers to be a pro at the game.

Fortnite Week 4 Qualifiers

Week 4 of the qualifier was duos based, meaning that fans got to see their favourite streamers team up with each other during it. However, even after failing in the previous three weeks, some top streamers have once again failed to secure a spot in the finals. Although some of them were close to qualifying, they were still no match for some other players.

Top Streamers Who Failed To Qualify

Streamers such as Ninja and POACH, who are considered to be some of the best Fortnite players, are one of those who have failed to qualify for the World Cup finals. Ninja basically teamed up with Reverse2K and managed to score around 75 points. However, this still wasn’t enough as they were placed at the 14thposition and they needed around 10 more points to secure a spot in the finals. Poach, on the other hand, teamed up with Chap and achieved the 12thplace after scoring 75 points.

In addition to this, Tfue and Cloak performed really well during the fourth week of the qualifiers. Although the two failed to qualify for the duo finals, their fans were still happy with them as they played really well. The duo managed to score around 82 points and was placed at 6th. However, they were still three points away from qualifying, something which is going to bother the two for sure. For those wondering, the duo scored 40 points from eliminations and 42 from placements.

On the other hand, NICKMERCKS and NioRooch were far away from qualifying for the finals as they needed around 60 more points. The duo was basically placed 60thafter they scored around 62 points. SypherPK also wasn’t close to qualifying as he scored 57 points with his duo and was placed 97th. Several other streamers also failed to qualify for the finals, while some of them decided to skip the qualifiers round.

Tfue Previously Qualified

Fans are surely left disappointed after seeing that their favourite streamers have again failed to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup Finals. Although they were really close to qualifying, fans will not get satisfied until they secure a spot in the finals. At the moment, only Tfue is currently confirmed to play in the finals as the latter managed to secure a spot in the solo portion of the tournament during the previous week.


Week 5 of the qualifiers will be held from May 11thto May 12th. Fans are currently eagerly waiting to see if their favourite streamers will manage to qualify for the finals this time or not. In any case, viewers can surely expect to see some thrilling matches during the next round as everyone will try to give their best.