The Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers are almost over, and fans are eagerly waiting for the finals. Some amazing players have managed to qualify for the finals through the qualifiers. While some players have completely relied on their skills to qualify, there were some who just didn’t want to follow the rules. Same can be said for XXiF, a player who was banned because of cheating.

XXiF Qualifies for The Finals

Although XXiF was caught cheating, he received only a 14-day ban from competitive play. After his ban ended, he was able to compete in week 8 of the qualifiers. Surprisingly, the latter managed to secure a spot in the finals, and that too without cheating. However, while fans of XXiF are happy that their favorite player has managed to qualify for the finals, there are some Fortnite pros who just aren’t happy with what has happened.

Reaction of The Fortnite Competitive Community

DrLupo, a popular Fortnite streamer and caster claimed that a cheater qualifying for a $30,000,000 tournament is not a good thing for the Fortnite competitive community. Although he doubts that XXiF and his duo partner cheated again, but he still thinks that this is unfair. Noah “Vivid” Wright of Team Liquid also claimed that by letting qualify for their biggest tournament, Epic Games has set a bad example for the young players.

In addition to this, FaZe Clan’s Nate Hill made a sarcastic statement, where he wrote that you just have to wait for two weeks if you break the law or cheat, and it’ll even get you $50,000. In addition to this, many other Fortnite streamers and casters are disappointed with Epic Game’s decision. According to them, instead of issuing a 14-day ban, cheaters should not be allowed further to compete in the qualifiers. Because of the current punishment, many players think about cheating because they know that they will eventually get a chance to compete again after 14 days.

XXiF’s Story

XXiF and his duo partner Ronaldo currently have a spot in the Fortnite World Cup Finals. The duo managed to score around 91 points during week 8 of the qualifiers and was placed at the third spot. Previously, XXiF was banned as the latter tried to team up with some players to get some extra kills. However, after only 14 days, the latter was allowed to return to the qualifiers.

At the moment, many players in the Fortnite competitive community are currently wondering whether Epic Games is going to do something about this or not. The organizers set their rules about the qualifiers before they even started, and the 14-day competitive ban was a part of them. So, the chances for Epic Games to revolve XXiF’s qualification are close to zero. The Fortnite World Cup finals are currently scheduled to be held in July. Those who have qualified for them are going to compete for a prize pool of $30,000,000.