Things have not been the same as they were before between Tfue and his organization FaZe Clan after he filed a lawsuit against them. In the lawsuit, the popular Fortnite player claimed that his organization failed to pay him his share of sponsorship money and they were also preventing him from signing sponsorship deals with other companies including HyperX.

Tfue’s First Public Statement

Recently, for the first time since the lawsuit was filed, Tfue has released his first public statement. The latter has released a two-minute long video on YouTube through which he has decided to tell his side of the story and finally explain what he wants from FaZe.

During the video, Tfue has asked his organization to release his contract. In addition to this, as many people in the Esports community were asking Tfue why he signed the contract with FaZe at the first place if their terms were not right, the Fortnite pro claimed that he “didn’t know any better”. Tfue also mentioned that his organization could take all his earnings any time during the three years contract period.

Tfue’s lawsuit also claimed that his organization tried to persuade him into doing illegal gambling and underage drinking. However, the player has asked his attorneys to remove this claim from the lawsuit as it wasn’t correct. Tfue also said that he is just trying to show the Esports community that it is not okay for an organization to ruin players with such contracts.

Ricky Banks Response to Tfue’s Statement

Shortly after the video was posted, FaZe Clan’s owner Ricky Banks has confirmed that they are currently working on releasing Tfue’s contract. This was confirmed by him on Twitter where he posted a couple of other Tweets regarding Tfue’s video. In one of them, he claimed that FaZe offered Tfue $1 Million per year. Not only this, but all this money was meant to go directly to Tfue with 0% going to the organization. In addition to this, FaZe Clan’s official Twitter account also posted a statement a while ago where they claimed that they didn’t take any tournament winnings as well as content revenue from Tfue.

Meanwhile, after Tfue filed the lawsuit, his teammate Cloak also decided to step in this matter to tell people what he thinks. In his statement, the latter basically defended Ricky Banks by saying that he has always shown love and appreciation towards every player who is a part of FaZe Clan. Not only this, but Cloak also claimed that FaZe’s owner should not be blamed for anything that is currently going on.

At the moment, FaZe Clan is in the process of releasing Tfue’s contract. As the Esports community is disturbed after this issue, many currently hope that all this drama will finally come to an end after the contract is released. Tfue’s fans are currently eagerly waiting to know whether their favourite player is going to join another organization or not.