The drama between Tfue and FaZe is still going strong. After Tfue filed a lawsuit against his organization where he accused them of some things, he demanded them to release his contract. Afterward, FaZe’s owner Ricky Banks tweeted that they are in the process of releasing Tfue’s contract. And now, many fans are currently wondering what the latter will do once he completely leaves FaZe Clan.

Tfue’s Brother Reveals Some Interesting Details

While many fans think that he is going to continue playing competitive Fortnite, his brother currently claims that Tfue is going to create his own organization. That’s right, Jack Tenney had a little chat with Drama Alert’s KEEMSTAR where he confirmed that his brother is going to create a new organization after his contract is released.

According to the conversation, Tfue wants to work with the brand he wants and change the face of gaming. In addition to this, his brother further revealed that the corporate side of FaZe didn’t allow him to do this, and Turner had no choice other than getting his contract released. This basically indicates that Tfue had some other reasons behind his decision of leaving FaZe.

For those who don’t know, Tfue’s lawsuit claimed that his organization was not giving him his share of sponsorship money. In addition to this, it further stated that FaZe didn’t allow Tfue to sign sponsorship deals with other companies such as HyperX. However, the organization denied all these claims and even revealed that they didn’t take any content revenue or any tournament winnings from the Fortnite pro.

Tfue’s Statement Video

During his statement video, Tfue also claimed that he wants to change how things work. According to him, he does not want anyone else to get ruined by such contracts as players are getting ripped off. If Tfue’s contract is successfully released just like he demanded, then he will be able to create his own organization with ease.

In any case, fans are currently hoping that things will get sorted out between the two parties without any issues. Some people have been supporting Tfue, while others claim that FaZe isn’t an organization that would do such a thing. If FaZe releases the contract, then this will be suitable for both parties as the drama will finally come to an end. The Esports community has been bothered because of this issue since the lawsuit was first filed, and its time it should finally get resolved.

On the other hand, another popular Esports organization “100 Thieves” also recently lost a really amazing player. Nickmercs, the very player who was one of the founding members of 100 Thieves recently left the team. Not only this, but his organization also supported him with his decision. This indicated that both sides were on good terms and Nickmercs didn’t leave the organization because of some issues.