Epic Games decided to celebrate the arrival of Summer with a new 14 Days of Summer event in Fortnite. The new event has introduced some exciting stuff to the game, and players are absolutely enjoying it. Along with unvaulting a new weapon, the event features a new Limited Time Mode every day. In addition to this, it also features new daily challenges for players to complete. Upon completing these challenges, players unlock various rewards. However, it seems like some players are unable to complete the tiny rubber ducky challenge.

Rubber Ducky Challenge

In today’s set of challenges, there is a challenge which is asking players to search for a tiny rubber ducky. Not only this, but players have discovered that it is located in an area right next to Paradise Palms. To complete the challenge, all players have to do is go to the said location and interact with the rubber ducky. However, since today’s challenges went live, many fans have been complaining that they just cannot complete the rubber ducky challenge.

Why Players Can’t Complete It

To start with, there are some players claiming that the challenge is limited to only one player per match. In other words, after a player finds the duck and interacts with it, it disappears for other players. Along with this, some players are able to find the duck, but they are unable to complete the challenge even after interacting with it.

At the moment, we currently don’t know exactly why this is happening, but most players believe that this is due to a bug. This isn’t the first time a bug has caused something like this. There have been many times in the past where bugs have ruined the game in some way. One player on Twitter even claimed that after a player searches the duck, it disappears for everyone else even if the bathtub is still there. This further confirms that this is indeed happening because of a bug.

Epic Games Is Working on A Fix for It

Epic Games has even responded to this issue by saying that they are working on a fix for it. They even claimed that the challenge turned out to be harder than they intended. In any case, fans will be now relieved to see that the developers are working to fix this issue. Epic Games is well known for handling such issues quickly. If you can’t wait for the fix to arrive, you can keep on playing matches until you become the first lucky player to interact with the duck. In addition to this, you can also try completing the challenge in the LTM modes.

The 14 Days of Summer event is also featuring a new LTM daily and will keep on doing so until the event ends. From Tank Battle Squads to Wick’s Bounty, players will be able to enjoy an exciting new LTM daily. In addition to this, the in-game store will also get updated with a new item every day during the event.