We have seen many players who have failed to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup Finals during the ongoing qualifiers. Not only this, but even some top streamers have left many of their fans disappointed after performing poorly. And now, the streamer who is believed to be the best Fortnite player has again failed to secure a spot in the finals.

Ninja Once Again Failed to Qualify for The Finals

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, a popular Fortnite streamer who has a huge fan following has been struggling to qualify for the finals since the first week of the qualifiers. The latter failed to reach the expectations of his fans during the previous weeks as he didn’t manage to secure a spot in the solo or the duo portion of the finals. Although he has failed to qualify this week too, many fans currently believe that it was not his fault at all.

During his first few matches of week 5, Ninja experienced an unusual bug because of which he was eliminated at the start of the match. He was trying to land near Lazy Lagoon, but his glider suddenly got closed due to which he fell to death. Now, the thing which is bothering many viewers is that his glider shouldn’t have closed.

Ninja Fell to Death Because of A Bug

In the video below, Ninja can be seen gliding over a tree. Now judging from how things work in Fortnite, his glider should’ve closed if it hit the tree. However, the complete opposite happened, and Ninja’s glider vanished even though it did not hit the tree. This is something annoying considering the fact that his chances of qualifying for the Fortnite World Cup finals have been ruined all thanks to a bug. Not only this, but he didn’t even manage to qualify for week 5’s final qualifiers as he failed to reach the top 3,000 in the semi-finals.

Ninja’s luck hasn’t been on his side throughout the qualifiers. Many fans have been disappointed with his performance as he has failed to fulfil their expectations. After failing to qualify during week 5 of the qualifiers, Ninja tweeted that he has just played the worst Fortnite of his life. He further added that as the Pump Shotgun has been vaulted, he felt out of his element without it. For those who don’t know, the Pump Shotgun is one of Ninja’s favourite weapons in the game. The latter has managed to perform many amazing eliminations through it.

Ninja Still Has Few More Chances

Fans shouldn’t feel too much disappointed as Ninja still has a few more chances to qualify for the World Cup Finals. During the previous week of the qualifiers, which was duos based, Ninja managed to reach close to securing a spot in the finals. However, his performance still wasn’t good enough as he had to score a few more points for that. Now, fans are eagerly waiting to see how he will perform in the next week’s qualifiers, which are again going to be duos based.