Fortnite is the type of game which has gone through many controversies. Even though it is one of the most popular games in the world, there have been many times when people have been disappointed with it. Whenever an update is released, there are many players who are left disappointed after some changes have been made to the game. Not only this but some popular streamers, who have a strong influence on their viewers, also start bashing the game.

Streamers Have Been Bashing Fortnite

Epic Games has always tried to please every fan. However, they always manage to make some of their fans happy, while the others are left disappointed. Whatever changes they make to the game isn’t always something which all the fans love, and this is the very reason why the game has been through many controversies since it was released. The main problem is that when streamers start bashing the game, their fans also follow them and criticize the game.

Ninja Wants Streamers to Stop Bashing the Game

While many streamers have been bashing the game since the recent season 9 update, there is one streamer who is currently standing against them. Season 9 basically made a few changes to the game, such as the Pump Shotgun is now vaulted, and the map is also modified. This has left many of the streamers unhappy with the game, but the popular Fortnite streamer “Ninja” is currently thinking the other way.

Ninja telling the truth , streamers and their audience are destroying this game , complaining about everything from r/FortNiteBR

During one of his recent streams, Ninja showcased that he is tired of streamers who keep on bashing the game. According to him, their followers even start hating the game since they have a strong influence on them. Not only this, but he further claimed that even if the followers like the game, they will still showcase their hatred only because their favourite broadcaster hates the game.

What Happens When Such Things Continue?

Once the streamers start bashing a game and their followers join them, it basically results in kills the game. What Ninja said is true considering that fact that Fortnite will slowly die if top streamers continue to criticize the game. Because of this, he has asked them to stop bashing the game publicly. Although everyone is free to present their own opinion, they still shouldn’t criticize the game in a rough way as it can damage its reputation. Criticism is always beneficial for developers but only when respect is present in it.

During the previous month, Fortnite was reported to be the most streamed and watched title on Twitch. This was enough to prove that the game is still played and enjoyed by millions of players every month. Epic Games is well known for keeping the game stable by releasing weekly updates, but sometimes they fail to satisfy everyone. However, this doesn’t mean that Fortnite is broken or anything as it is still a fun game. As for now, streamers should listen to what Ninja has said and stop bashing the game in a rough way.