Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) , League of Legends (LoL) and DotA 2 are games already consecrated in the esports and that promote millionaire tournaments. In 2018, however, other games appeared on the competitive scene and also gained prominence. We have selected some titles that recently entered the competition and have grown this year.


Success among casual gamers, Fortnite had 1.2 billion watched hours and 73.8 million hours broadcast on Twitch TV . The year 2018 also marked the official entrance of the game in the esports, through tournaments with very high prizes promoted by Epic Games.

With 471 participants, Summer Skirmish received an award of US $ 8 million. Fall Skirmish had 598 participants and a prize of $ 10 million, already the Winter Royale counted on 98 competitors and gave $ 500 thousand to the winners. In all, Fortnite had 91 tournaments held in 2018.


Although launched in 2016, Overwatch took important steps in the competitive arena in 2018. The game opened its official league, the Overwatch League , and the tournament was a success: the playoffs were broadcast on ESPN and Disney XD from the US and had a peak of 349.5 thousand viewers by streaming.

In the 2018 Game of the Game, Overwatch was nominated in three categories and won the Best Sports Game award, smashing names like Fortnite, League of Legends , DotA 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO).

Clash Royale

Highlights of the mobile esports, Clash Royale also launched its league in 2018, the Clash Royale League. With a prize pool of US $ 1 million, the tournament had the world finals played in Tokyo, and the runner-up won by Vivo Keyd.

Popular games in esports 2018

Despite the breakthrough, Clash has shown that he still needs to improve some aspects of its competitive edge. The South American stage of the CRL, for example, had transmission problems and was temporarily suspended. The final of the dispute also suffered with the same fault. Still, the game has potential and is one of the promises in 2019.

Arena of Valor

Phenomenon in Asian countries, 2018 was the year of the launch of Arena of Valor in the West. And already in its arrival, the MOBA of the Tencent carried great moments . In the first half of the year, the first Arena of Valor World Cup was held , with more than US $ 500,000 in prizes. In the second half was announced the Season 2 of Valor Series, which counted for the first time with a South American division and the presence of Brazilian teams.

The LATAM season 2 of Valor Series was played in São Paulo and won by Nova Esports. The team qualified for the International Arena of Valor Championship, but was eliminated in the group stage. The total prize money for the tournament, which ends on December 16, is US $ 600,000, one of the highest in 2018.