Epic Games has always surprised its fans with something amazing when it comes to in-game events, and it seems like the developers are up to something again. Recently, many players have discovered that a mysterious new item has appeared in the game and has left many confused about what it is.

The Rune Has Appeared in Fortnite

If you have played Fortnite after April 19, then you may have discovered a strange looking object moving around the map. Many players have claimed that they are seeing a Rune which is moving from one place to another without doing anything. Although data miners managed to discover Runes in the update 8.40 of the game, they were not able to find out what their purpose is.

The Rune was first spotted at Paradise Palms and was then seen moving towards Fatal Fields. It then managed to move towards a Pirate Camp, and then was seen heading towards Shifty Shafts. However, the Rune has stopped moving after reaching Loot Lake.

Look Lake Is the Final Destination of The Rune

Those who have played Fortnite after the recent update are aware that Loot Lake has now been converted into a site where some experiments can take place. The place is now filled with metallic seals and vehicles, indicating that the developers are going to use this place for something. Even the Rune has decided to take some rest at the Loot Lake after wandering around the map.

Some players have even discovered that it is possible to get on top of the Rune. However, as soon the Rune starts moving, anyone standing on the top of it is sent to the sky. Some players even tried to build a wall around the Rune to prevent it from moving, but it just destroyed it without any efforts.

The Rune Might Be a Part of the Crossover Event

Although no one currently knows why the Rune has been placed in the game, many believe that it has something to do with an in-game event. As there were many speculations which hinted that an Avengers: End Game crossover event will soon take place in the game, some players think that the Rune is a part of it. The crossover event was hinted when Robert Downy Jr, the actor who plays the role of Iron Man in the movie, was seen wearing a Fortnite shirt with Epic’s creative director.

At the moment, we don’t know the exact purpose of the Rune, but it does seem like it will trigger an in-game event. Epic Games is known for starting in-game events in amazing and creative ways, so the Rune might be a part of another trick.

Fortnite has also managed to become the most streamed and watched title of the first quarter of 2019. It was also revealed that its viewership suffered a decline when Apex Legends was released. However, only a few weeks after it, Apex Legends viewership started to decrease because of which Fortnite started gaining its viewership back.