In Fortnite Battle Royale there is a big surprise for the start of Season 7. This is called “Creative Mode” and is basically Minecraft.

What is Creative Mode? Thanks to various leaks and the current announcement from Epic, the new big game mode from Season 7 in Fortnite will be a kind of Minecraft. This means that you can then build your own game worlds and be creative there to your heart’s content.


Credits: Epic Games

Among other things, you can according to the announcement:

  • Create your own mini games, even with scoreboards and other stuff.
  • Use all weapons in the game.
  • Set game modes like Deathmatch, Race or Battle Royale.
  • Change and customize everything on your own private little island.
  • Place mass buildings and objects on the map. Only a memory limit limits, so that the game does not wear out at some point.
  • Host your own custom servers and hold private events.

Epic confirms the leak, that creative mode is really coming: The developers at Epic have now confirmed the leak and officially announced the “creative mode”. It will start for Battle Pass customers on December 6th and for all players on December 13th. You will then get your own island, where you can let off steam. Epic also wants to add more features over time.

Players are excited about the new mode: The fans of Fortnite are excited and have long desired such a mode with unlimited resources, free customization options and custom games. Many compare the mode with the legendary Gary’s Mod or Minecraft. Also the term playground 2.0 is used.

The playground was Epic’s first step in bringing more creative freedom to the community. With the Creative Mode Fortnite so even more responsive to the wishes of its players and especially to meet the target group of under 18-year-old Minecraft fans.


Credits: Fortnite Insider

Which theme will Season 7 have? It is certain that winter and probably Christmas are the theme of Season 7. A clear indication of this is the iceberg that is currently approaching the map. In addition, it has recently started to snow.

How will the map change? The snow is likely to cover parts of the map with ice and snow, but possibly only on the western half of the map, as the desert in the southeast could continue to be a desert and retain its unique character.

There will certainly be several new places and other places will be changed. It is conceivable that rivers and lakes and possibly even the Loot Lake freeze.

What gameplay changes will there be? When snow and ice come, there may be special gameplay innovations.

Conceivable are:

  • Footsteps in the snow, with which you can find your opponents, so similar to the competitive title Darwin Project .
  • Slippery ice surfaces
  • Snowball fight as a toy
  • Teleporters as in the bunker at Wailing Woods could also appear in larger numbers in the game and allow even faster relocations