Fortnite was released back in 2017 and it has managed to become one of the most popular titles out there. The game attracted more than 125 million players during its first year and generated hundreds of millions of dollars per month. Not only this, but the game is also one of most-watched title on Twitch. For those who don’t know, Twitch is a streaming platform where various streamers stream their gameplays.

On Twitch, Fortnite has always remained a popular title. However, we are now seeing a decline in its viewership as a recent report claims that Fortnite is struggling to get more than 100,000 concurrent viewers. While the reason behind why this has happened is unknown, most people are blaming Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Turner “Tfue” Tenney for this.

Are Ninja and Tfue To Blame?

Ninja has remained a part of Twitch since the start. The latter is considered as the best Fortnite streamer in the world. However, a few weeks ago, Ninja stropped streaming on Twitch when he moved for a new streaming platform called “Mixer.” While things have been great for Ninja on Mixer, it seems like Fortnite is not doing good on Twitch because of it. There were many viewers who logged into Twitch only to watch Ninja’s stream. And now that he isn’t there anymore, these viewers don’t have any reason to visit the platform.

Tfue can also be a reason behind why the viewership of Fortnite has dropped. Tfue is also one of the most popular Fortnite streamers on Twitch. However, a few days ago, the latter announced that he is going to take some time off streaming. He even added that he feels trapped in a negative crawl space in his mind, something that left many fans and fellow streamers worried.


Now that Tfue has stopped streaming for a while, people who used to watch his stream have stopped visiting the platform. This can be a reason why the viewership of Frotnite has dropped to 90,000 concurrent viewers. At the moment, we currently don’t know exactly when the latter will start streaming again. This year has not been good for him since he faced some problems with his former organization, FaZe Clan. The streamer even filed a lawsuit against them, and things didn’t go down well. In addition to this, he also recently split with his long-time duo partner, Cloakzy.

What Will Happen Now?

While the report hasn’t mentioned where the data was gathered from, one graph clearly indicates it was taken from Twitch Tracker. If things continue like this, then the viewership can decrease further. At the moment, there is no chance for Ninja to return to Twitch since the latter is really happy at Mixer. As for Tfue, he is currently taking care of his mental health. The latter did win the Fortnite Cash Cup tournament a few days ago with his new trio, but he didn’t stream it.