Fortnite: Battle Royale players will be glad to know that Epic Games has finally revealed the patch notes of the long-awaited V8.30 update of the game. The patch notes basically reveal what changes will be made to the game after the update is installed and what new things will be added through it.

According to the patch notes of Fortnite: Battle Royale Update V8.30, the update basically adds the much-anticipated Reboot Vans to the game. In addition to this, a new event has been added to the game along with some other gameplay changes.

Reboot Vans Have Been Added

Reboot Vans have been finally added in the game through the update and Apex Legends players will find some similarity with these vans. These vans are basically placed at different locations all over the map and they can be used to resurrect eliminated teammates.

What you will have to do is grab your teammate’s reboot card and take it to the Reboot Van to resurrect him. However, you will have only 90 seconds to grab the reboot card of the player who is eliminated as it will disappear after it. Once you take the reboot card to the van, the player will respawn on the top of it with a pistol, 36 bullets, and around 100 wood in his inventory.

New Buccaneer’s Bounty Event

The patch notes also revealed that the developers have decided to add a new event in the game titled “Buccaneer’s Bounty.” The event features some challenges and is here for a limited time only as it will run from April 10 till April 15.

During the event, players can complete various challenges offered in it to unlock various rewards. In addition to this, the developers have also decided to increase the drop rate of Treasure Maps during the event. This means that you will be able to get your hands on a lot of things thanks to this new event. However, you should not waste any time and get straight away to completing its challenges as it won’t be here for long.

New Changes to The Gameplay

Players shouldn’t expect to see some major changes to the gameplay as the developers only made some few minor changes through the update. The Infantry Rifle’s falloff damage has been adjusted and along with this, the Glider Redeploy item will now use a consumable slot instead of a standard inventory slot. In addition to this, some changes have been made to the resolution and field of view. Players will only have the option to use the 16:9 resolution while playing in competitive modes.

Fortnite: Battle Royale’s servers are currently down as the developers are implementing the above changes in the game. They will stay down for a few hours and you will be then able to create havoc in an improved version of the game. You will be able to see the new event and its challenges once the changes are successfully made in the game.