Fortnite Season X introduced a lot of new content and it literally changed the game. One thing which caught the attention of many players was B.R.U.T.E, which is a mechanical robot that can be controlled by two players. One player basically controls its movements, while the other one gets to have fun with the firepower. However, it seems like the recently crowned Fortnite solo champion isn’t really happy with this new vehicle.

Since B.R.U.T.E has been added to the game, many players have complained about it. According to them, they just can’t win against it. Although some players have even claimed that they will boycott the game if something isn’t done about this new mechanical vehicle, Epic Games still hasn’t responded to them properly. But now, the developers will need to take care of this matter as Bugha is not impressed by it all.

Bugha Gets Frustrated by The Mechanical Robot

Recently, Bugha was casually playing in Arena Trios when he and his teammates came across two B.R.U.T.E. Both Bugha and his teammate tried their best to defend themselves against the two giant robots, but whatever they did wasn’t enough. And only a few seconds later, they were brutally eliminated, leaving Bugha frustrated. Not only this, but the latter even screamed “I’m never playing this game again,” indicating that he is not happy with the addition of the mechanical robots at all.

He even then told Epic Games to remove them while claiming that he knows they are watching his stream. Considering the fact that even professional players are now even getting tired of the mechanical robot, the developers should either remove it or make some tweaks to it. A while ago, they did claim that they are currently observing the robot’s gameplay and they might make some tweaks to it in the coming days. However, they should do this soon before players actually stop playing the game because of it.

What Other Professional Players Think About It

Bugha isn’t the only top Fortnite player who hates this robot. Professional players such as SypherPK, Ninja, and TimTheTatman have also talked about how bad this new vehicle is. SypherPK even went on to say that Epic Games is becoming slow when it comes to addressing balance issues. In any case, since these players are now complaining about them, we can expect to see some changes soon.

Updates of Season 11

Now that Season 10 is here, fans are now wondering when the next one will arrive. Although it has only been a few days since the current one went live, they still just can’t wait to see what Epic Games is planning next. At the moment, not much is known about Season 11, but a data miner managed to find out that the 10thseason will be 10 weeks long. This means that we will get to see Season 11 close to October 11.