Fortnite is the game which has remained a target for hackers. During the previous year, the game became a victim of many hackers and Epic Games had to deal with a lot of problems because of them. Although they tried various methods to prevent hackers from targeting the game, they didn’t work. However, it seems like they are finally going to overcome this issue by offering $10 for 2FA.

Recent Players’ Complaints

Recently, many players are claiming that their accounts have been locked because of multiple failed login attempts. Not only this, but some users have also received emails for a password reset. This clearly means that someone was trying to access their accounts to get their personal information.

Epic Games Will Offer $10 for 2FA

Since it will become a nightmare for Epic Games if hackers start gaining access to some accounts, they have now decided to offer players some money if they increase the security of their account. This was accidentally revealed through the “message of the day” which stated that “Sign up for 2FA in order to get $10 to spend in the store.” Epic Games did take this message down shortly after it was revealed, but many still saw it.

Although Epic Games took the message down, they still confirmed on Twitter that this will be launched soon. According to them, there is an Epic Games store sale in the works, and they will reveal the details in the few days. This means that you will soon be able to get $10 by simply enabling 2FA on your account.

2FA Can Help Epic Games A Lot

Epic Games is well known for offering amazing services to its fans. The $10 offer indicates that the developers really do care about the accounts of players. If most of the players enable 2FA on their accounts, then this will save Epic Games from a lot of trouble for sure. In addition to this, the developers yesterday revealed that they are going to introduce another amazing feature in the game, the “undo button”. This will basically allow players to get a refund for the item they accidentally purchase instantly. However, they have will have to use the undo button within five minutes of their purchase.

Fans are also currently enjoying the ongoing Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers. Many amazing players have managed to qualify through them, while some top streamers have failed to secure a spot in the finals. Even the top Fortnite player “Ninja” has left many of his fans disappointed after he didn’t secure a spot in the finals. Although he still has a few more chances to qualify, many believe that he won’t be able to, judging from how he has been playing recently. On the other hand, some top players including Tfue and MrSavageM have qualified and will compete in the final July event.