The ongoing Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers have been amazing so far. Since the first week of the qualifiers, there have been some really thrilling moments during some matches and fans have surely enjoyed watching them. Some players have also left many viewers speechless after doing something amazing. The same can be said for MrSavageM, a player who managed to qualify for the finals in an astonishing way.

Grenade Launcher Turned Out to Be A Really Useful Weapon

During the recently held week 5 of the qualifiers, MrSavageM left many of his viewers amazed after he used a grenade launcher to qualify for the finals. Although the weapon has not been used a lot during the qualifiers, the latter has surely managed to prove how useful it can be. Even the commentators, who previously claimed that they don’t really like the grenade launcher, took their words back after seeing how amazingly MrSavageM used it.

What happened was that MrSavageM managed to make it to the final circle with eight players alive and only 18 rounds in his grenade launcher. Those who play the game know that it is quite difficult to predict the path of the grenade once it hits the ground, but the latter managed to prove everyone wrong. He started shooting a few of his remaining grenades on the ground, which eventually went right to his opponents and eliminated them. Not only this, but the player even managed to take down some top players through his grenade launcher.

MrSavageM Used A Shadow Bomb at The End

After eliminating some players by using his grenade launcher, the latter decided to amaze his viewers even further. When the storm approached the mountain MrSavageM was standing on, everyone thought that this is going to be the end for him. However, he quickly used a Shadow Bomb to wall jump through which he was able to successfully climb the mountain while his opponent was eliminated in the storm.

MrSavageM has proved that it is not always necessary to use the best equipment in the game to win a match. The latter used just a grenade launcher and a Shadow Bomb to secure a spot in the finals. His gameplay is surely going to inspire a lot of new players as it was just amazing. Epic Games also disabled various vehicles during the match as some players were unable to either enter or exit them. However, this didn’t affect MrSavageM at all as he decided to use some other tactics.

Fans are now going to see MrSavageM perform in the solo portion of the Fortnite World Cup Finals, which are currently scheduled to be held from July 26th to July 28th. They are surely eagerly waiting to see what the latter is going to do next. Who knows, maybe he might have some other tricks up his sleeves through which he could win the finals. On the other hand, the next round of the qualifiers is going to be duos based and will be held from May 18th.