Week 9 of the ongoing Fortnite World Cup qualifiers was held a few days ago. It was the final qualifiers round for the solo portion, meaning that it was the last chance for players to secure a spot in Fortnite World Cup Solo Finals. However, while some amazing players have managed to qualify through week 9, some top streamers have left many of their fans disappointed as they have not secured a spot in the finals.

Nickmercs And Ninja Fail to Qualify

The popular Fortnite player, Nickmercs failed to qualify for the solo portion of the Fortnite World Cup finals. He was one of those players who fans believed would definitely make it to the finals. However, things didn’t happen as fans expected as the latter didn’t even reach the top 100 during week 9. Many of his fans have been left disappointed as they had high hopes for him.

On the other hand, the streamer who is regarded as the most famous Fortnite player has also failed to secure a spot in the solo finals. That’s right, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins didn’t perform well enough to make it to the finals. The latter has been struggling to qualify for the finals since week 1. He even recently claimed that he has been playing the worst Fortnite of his life. And now, the latter didn’t even manage to get close to qualifying for the solo portion of the World Cup.

Other Streamers Who Failed To Qualify

Ali “SypherPK” Hassan and Ryan “Chap” Chaplo are also one of those players who have failed to qualify for the solo finals. Mason “Symfuhnny” Lanier, who was the best performing Fortnite streamer in week 9, also didn’t get close to qualifying. The latter did manage to secure 48 points and was placed at the 58thposition, but he was still far away from reaching the top six. In addition to this, some other top Fortnite streamers have also left many of their fans disappointed by not performing well during the final week of the solo qualifiers.

One thing to keep in mind here is that all these players still have one last chance to make it to the Fortnite World Cup Finals. However, they can only qualify for the duos portion now. The final round of the duos qualifiers will be held from June 20 till 21, and all these players will be able to participate in it along with their duo partner. However, they will have to give their top performance if they want to secure a spot in the Duos Finals.

The Fortnite World Cup Finals are currently scheduled to take place on July 26 till July 28. The tournament is currently believed to be one of the biggest Esports tournaments of this year. Let’s see whether these top streamers will manage to qualify for the World Cup Finals during week 10 or not.