Week 6 of the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers recently came to an end. We got to see some amazing matches during it and a few skilled players have managed to make it to the final. However, the player who has been struggling to secure a spot in the finals has once again left all his fans disappointed by not qualifying.

Ninja and Reverse2k’s Struggle

Those who have been keeping a close eye on the ongoing qualifiers know that Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has been struggling to make it to the World Cup Finals since the first week of the qualifiers. However, he has been disappointing his fans again and again as the latter was unable to secure a spot in the solo or the duos portion of the tournament.

Last week, Ninja claimed that he is playing the worst Fortnite of his life. Many fans thought that their favourite streamer is going to qualify in week 6, but things didn’t turn out to be how they expected. In fact, Ninja and his duo Malachi “Reverse2K” Greiner have failed to qualify by only 2 points during the sixth week. The duo only managed to score around 86 points, which was 2 points less than the 86 points they needed to qualify.

Ninja and Reverse 2k Once Again Failed

The duo could’ve qualified for the finals if they had just eliminated the two players they knocked out during their match. According to Ninja, they knocked out two players, but they somehow got revived. If they were eliminated, then the duo would’ve gotten the two points they needed to secure a spot in the world cup finals. Reverse2k, on the other hand, claimed that when he was in a one-vs-one situation, he knew that if he wins, they qualify, and if he doesn’t, then they will have to try again.

Out of the 86 points, Ninja and Reverse2k scored, the duo achieved 51 points through placements and 35 points through eliminations. In addition to this, they had an average of 3.5 kills per match, indicating that the duo was focusing more on survival instead of eliminations. However, even though they tried their best, luck just wasn’t on their side.

Two More Chances Left

Now, Ninja and Reverse2k have only two chances left to secure a spot in the world cup finals. Although they have been trying their best to make that happen, they will have to give their best in the upcoming rounds. The duo will have to come up with new and different strategies if they want to get placed at the first.

If they mess up their remaining two chances and fail to qualify, then they are going to disappoint a lot of their fans for sure. In any case, this has clearly proved that having millions of followers on Twitch doesn’t make you the best player.

The next round of the qualifiers will be solo based and will be held from May 25thtill 26th. Fans are currently eagerly waiting to see if Ninja will manage to secure a spot in the solo portion of the finals through it or not.