The week 4 of the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers recently came to an end. This week’s qualifier round was duo based, meaning that viewers got to see their favourite players playing together. While other duos were trying their best to secure a spot in the finals, there was one duo who failed to qualify. Not only this, but the reason behind their failure is currently believed to be two bugs.

Who the Duo Is?

The Finnish duo basically scored around 82 points during the qualifier round. However, the final score appearing on their region’s server is 72 because their last match’s points are not included because of a bug. In addition to this, the duo also faced another bug because of why one player had to play alone as the other one was stuck in the lobby. For those wondering, this duo is the popular Fortnite player Viallinen and Rogue’s Riki.

The duo basically claimed that they were unable to play together because of a bug. In addition to this, the 10 points they made in their last match were also not added in their final score all thanks to a bug. The duo was actually looking for a match during the final minutes of the qualifier, but the bug didn’t allow them to play together. Riki was stuck in the lobby while Viallinen had to jump into the match as a solo player. However, even though the latter managed to score around 10 points in the final match, their final score still appeared to be around 72.

To back up their claims, the duo has shared videos which showcase what the bugs did. The thing which is bothering the Finnish duo the most is that if the 10 points which they got in the final match were added in the score, they would’ve been placed at the seventh number in Europe.

Viallinen Had To Play Solo

In addition to this, many players are currently wondering how good the duo must’ve performed if Riki was in the match. Viallinen only had to eliminate another two players to get enough points for a spot in the finals. However, as the latter was alone, he was eliminated by an opponent before he could do that. Because of this very reason, many people on Reddit are currently claiming that the duo should qualify for the finals as their chances of qualifying were ruined by bugs.

At the moment, Riki wants Epic Games to add the 10 points in their final scores. According to him, this will double their earnings and they will also appear on the first page. The duo currently claims that they have contacted Epic Games and have asked them to fix the bugs so that no one else goes through something like this.

This is the first time something like this has happened in the ongoing qualifiers of the Fortnite World Cup. As the duo’s chances of qualifying for the finals were ruined because of bugs, Epic Games must investigate this issue and give them the reward they deserve.