Epic Games is strict when it comes to cheating and they always make sure that the concept of fair play in Fortnite is not ruined. They are even trying their best to make sure that the ongoing Fortnite World Cup qualifiers are free from any cheaters, and they are doing this by banning whoever they catch. And now, the developers have revealed that a group of players was caught cheating during the third week of the qualifiers.

Week 3 of Fortnite World Cup qualifiers came to an end a few days ago and we got to see some amazing matches during it. Many players tried to win by relying on their skills, but it seems like some of them wanted to cheat their way to the top. However, they were completely unaware of the fact that Epic Games is keeping a close eye on every match.

Epic Games Bans Cheaters

All the players who were caught cheating have been banned for 14 days from competitive play. In addition to this, all of them will have to give back the prizes they won. Not only this, but a popular Fortnite player also turned out to be one of those who were cheating during their matches.

XXiF Has Been Banned

Earlier this week, a Fortnite pro who goes by the name “XXiF” was accused of cheating during one of his matches. What the latter was doing was that he was teaming up with some of his friends to get some easy kills. HighSky, another pro Fortnite player, was the one who accused XXiF of cheating, and it seems like the allegations were true after all.

XXiF basically teamed up with two players to get some quick points. The two players basically landed right besides XXiF and started searching for loot. However, the thing which caught HighSky’s attention was that one player skipped picking up a gun which was in front of him, while the second player started shooting at a brick instead of XXiF. The accused player was then able to eliminate the two easily, through which he earned some points.

MSF Clix Will Compete in The Finals

After investigating properly, Epic Games has now decided to ban XXiF. Just like other players, the latter has received a 14-day competitive ban. In addition to this, his qualification of the Fortnite World Cup Finals has also been revoked and given to another player. Instead of XXiF, MSF Clix is now going to compete in the finals.

Previously, Epic Games also banned various players who were cheating during the first and second week of the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers. They even claimed that if anyone who was banned tries to participate in the tournament with another account, then they will be permanently banned from the game.

At the moment, many fans are glad to see that only the deserving players are going to compete in the finals, all thanks to Epic Games. The fourth round of the qualifiers is about to begin, and it will be interesting to see if anyone else will try to cheat or not.