The Fortnite World Cup qualifiers are currently happening, and players from all over the world are trying their best to make it through this round. Although there are some players who are winning by relying completely on their skills, there are some players who just don’t want to follow the rules.

As expected, many players decided to do some cheating during the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers. Some of them used cheats, some shared accounts, some tried to access from other regions, while some were just trying to team up with each other to have the upper hand. However, they were completely unaware of the fact that Epic Games is watching each and everything during every match.

Epic Games Bans Accounts

When it comes to handling cheaters, Epic Games takes all the necessary steps to make sure that everyone has a fair and fun experience. They have banned many cheaters on normal days, and it seems like they are doing to same during the qualifiers. Recently, they revealed that several players were banned during the ongoing online qualifiers round.

Why Accounts Were Banned

Epic Games has basically decided to ban more than 1000 accounts, around 1,221 players to be exact. From these, around 1,163 players were banned because they were trying to play from multiple regions during the qualifiers stage. The thing which has left us surprised is that out of the 1,221 accounts, 196 players managed to win some prizes. However, they will now have to give those rewards back because of cheating.

In addition to this, because of account sharing, 48 accounts have been banned. Although they have been banned for only 14 days, they still won’t be able to take part in the tournament now. 8 accounts have also been banned because they were trying to team up during the matches, something which ruins the experience of other players. One player was also banned because he was caught using cheat software.

The banning of various players indicates that Epic Games is trying its best to make sure the tournament is free from any cheaters and that only the deserving ones make it to the final. They have also stated that if any player who was banned tries to use a different or a new account to play again, then they will completely ban them from participating in any competitive play.

Epic Games Is Watching Everything

The banhammer of Epic Games is going strong, and we can even get to see some more cheaters during the tournament. There have been many times when cheaters have appeared in various tournaments, but players should not worry as Epic is keeping a watch on everything. If anyone tries to cheat, the developers will make sure to give them the punishment they deserve.

With the conclusion of the first round of the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers, the second round is all set to begin on April 20. It will be exciting to see which players will manage to secure a spot in the finals through the qualifiers stage.