The Fortnite World Cup qualifiers week 5 was kind of different from the previous weeks as there were some changes in it. After some players complained that they were unable to either exit or enter vehicles, Epic Games decided to disable the Ballers and some other vehicles in the game. Although some players were upset with the changes, there were a few players who didn’t care about them at all. One of them was FaZe Dubs, a popular Fortnite player well known for having amazing skills.

Dubs Has Qualified for The Finals

During week 5 of the qualifiers, Dubs once again left many of his fans surprised after qualifying for the finals. Amazingly, the latter managed to finish at the top of the NA East leader board during the recent qualifiers round. The thing which has left many surprised is the fact that this is the third time the latter is qualifying for the finals.

The 5thweek of the qualifiers was, without any doubt, really impressive for Dubs. Not only did he managed to get placed first, but he also achieved this without relying on vehicles. While many players have complained about the vehicles getting disabled, Dubs has proved that using them isn’t necessary to win a match. He has surely inspired a lot of new players through his gameplay.

Williams “Zayt” Aubin and MrSavageM Will Also Compete in The Finals

In addition to this, Williams “Zayt” Aubin has also secured a spot in the finals during week 5. The latter surely made all his fans happy after he was placed at the 2ndspot in the NA East server. Just like Dubs, this player also didn’t rely on vehicles and didn’t complain about them at all.

Another player who has managed to make it to the finals is MrSavageM. His performance was amazing, and he left almost every viewer surprised after he used a grenade launcher to win the match. What happened was that MrSavageM eliminated some top players by using a grenade launcher in the final circle. Not only this but he also used a shadow bomb to climb at the top of a mountain at the end of his match.

Ninja’s Struggle

While some top players have qualified for the finals, Ninja has been struggling to do so. Many of his fans have been disappointed with how he has been playing recently. Even on Twitter, Ninja has claimed that he has been playing the worst Fortnite of his life. The latter has also complained that he is unable to play properly after his favourite pump shotgun got vaulted.

In any case, fans are now excited to see how things will go down during the next week of the qualifiers. Who knows, maybe Ninja will finally manage to secure a spot in the finals during the next round. All we can do is wait and see what the next week will offer.