The third week of the Fortnite World Cup open qualifiers was really amazing as we got to see some thrilling moments during it. Viewers got to see how well their favourite players performed and were really glad when some of them made it to the finals. However, while most of the players always rely on their skills to win a match, there are some who just don’t want to follow the rules. Same can be said for a player who was caught cheating during the third week of the qualifiers.

XXiF Accused of Cheating

Recently, it was reported that the popular Fortnite player Damion “XXiF” C was cheating during one of his matches. For those who don’t know, the latter basically players for the well-known Rise Nation esports organization. Unlike other players who use soft cheating to get kills, XXiF decided to team up with some of his friends to get some easy kills.

A player who currently plays for Raised By Kings, HighSky is the one who accused XXiF of cheating. To back up his claims, the player posted a short clip which featured a replay of XXiF’s match. The clip clearly reveals that two players simply come in front of the accused player so that he can kill them easily. Not only this, but those two players were eliminated at the very start of the match.

Two Players Helped XXiF Out

Basically, both players landed at the exact same spot as XXiF, but they started doing something odd. Although the first player knew that another player has landed alongside him, he kept on gathering resources and came in front of XXiF with nothing in his hands. The thing which caught our attention was that the latter even skipped picking up a weapon which was in front of him.

The second player, on the other hand, landed when XXiF was eliminating the first player. Although the second one picked up a gun, he purposely started shooting a brick. He was then easily eliminated by XXiF who used a shotgun. The two players who were eliminated are not some regular Fortnite players. Their performance in previous matches indicates that they played so poorly on purpose.

XXiF’s Qualification Might Get Revoked

At the moment, XXiF is still qualified for the Fortnite World Cup Finals. However, if the allegations turn out to be true, then Epic Games will not only ban his account, but his qualification will be also revoked. In addition to this, a player who goes by the name “Clix” will be then given XXiF’s spot in the World Cup Finals. All we can do is wait and see if Epic Games investigates this matter or not.

The fourth week of the Fortnite World Cup open qualifiers will go live from May 4 till May 5. Just like the second week, this one will be also Duo based. Players who will get the highest scores in the fourth week will secure a spot in the finals.