The Fortnite World Cup has been full of many surprises since its early stages. During the qualifiers round, many fans were waiting for their favorite streamers to qualify for the World Cup Finals. However, many of them were left disappointed after some top streamers failed to secure a spot. Even Ninja, who is the top Fortnite streamer failed to qualify for the finals. However, Tfue didn’t let his fans down as he made them happy during the third week of the qualifiers.

Tfue Failed Reach the Top 50

During the World Cup Finals which were held three days ago, many fans were rooting for Tfue. They wanted their favorite streamer to win the tournament and take home the $3 million prize money. However, that didn’t turn out to be the case at all as the latter didn’t perform how his fans expected him to. He even failed to reach the top 50, something which definitely left a lot of fans disappointed.

Tfue played all six matches of the finals and scored only seven points which got him the 67thplace. Although he placed 22ndin the fourth match, that was his best match of that day. In the rest of the matches, the latter was placed 79th, 63rd, 65th, and 8th. Not only this, but he didn’t even earn any points or eliminated any player during the majority of the matches.

This Was Tfue’s Last Fortnite Tournament

Now that the Fortnite World Cup Finals are over, Tfue is no longer going to participate in any professional Fortnite tournament. For those who don’t know, he confirmed this back in April where he claimed that he will now play only for the fun and not for the money. To prepare for the World Cup, he even moved in with his duo partner Dennis “Cloakzy” Lepore but the two failed to qualify for the Duo Finals. And now, the latter has played his final Fortnite tournament.

What Will He Do Next?

With that being said, many fans will now start wondering what their favorite streamer will do next. Well, he will simply start streaming Fortnite more. At the moment, Tfue’s channel on Twitch is the fifth most watched channel on the streaming platform, where millions of players watch him play every month. Now that he won’t be focusing on competitive play, Tfue will most likely start focusing a lot on his streaming career.

A few weeks ago, Tfue also sued his former organization, FaZe Clan. According to the lawsuit he filed, the organization took 80% of Tfue’s sponsorship money and didn’t allow him to sign any contract with companies other than their official sponsors. While denying all the claims, FaZe claimed that they have no taken any tournament or sponsorship earnings from Tfue and that they have always supported him. Although this was one of the hottest topics in the esports industry a while ago, the situation has now cooled down.