It seems like the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers are not as easy as they seem as some top streamers have failed to qualify for the World Cup Finals. This week’s qualifier round was duo based and through it, we got to see that some famous streamers including Ninja didn’t stand a chance against other players.

Fans were surely surprised after seeing that the top streamers didn’t qualify for the World Cup Finals. Not only this, but they weren’t even close to securing a spot in the finals. During the duo-based qualifiers, Tfue and Cloak, who are two of the top Twitch streamers, were placed at the 84thposition in the North America East server. The two managed to score around 57 points and failed to secure a spot in the finals as they needed 30 more points for that.

How the Streamers Performed

In addition to this, NioRooch and NICKMERCS managed to score around 72 points and were placed 18th. Although their performance was quite amazing, they were still a little far away from 99 points. The top streamer Ninja and Reverse 2k, on the other hand, didn’t perform so well. Their fans were surely disappointed after seeing that they scored only 53 points and were placed 130thin the North America East server. They even failed to reach the top 100, which is quite disappointing for players who are considered to be the best Fortnite streamers out there.

Myth and Poppin also didn’t manage to reach the top 100. The duo was placed at the 161stposition after they scored 51 points on the same server as Ninja. SypherPK and WBG’s Ranger didn’t play so well either, but they still were really close to reaching the top 100 as they were placed at the 101stposition after scoring 55 points. On the other hand, some major streamers including TimTheTatman, Dakotaz, etc skipped the qualifiers.

The results of the recent round of the qualifiers have basically left many fans surprised as well as disappointed at the same time. We got to see that even if you are a really famous player and have millions of followers, you still can’t be the most skilled player. We always get to see such players displaying their skills the most during their streams, but it seems like they are not the best after all.

Four More Chances Left

One thing to keep in mind here is that all those who failed during this round still have four more chances to qualify for the finals. Who knows, maybe we’ll get to see some of these streamers performing so well in the next round that they do manage to secure a spot in the finals. Fans are currently expecting NioRooch and NICKMERCS to perform even better in the next round, as they tried their best during the recent one. In any case, the next round of the quali