Since Fortnite update 8.40 was released, fans had been eagerly waiting for the next update to arrive. The previous update left many fans disappointed as it was filled with bugs, and it even removed a really important thing from the game. Although the developers didn’t confirm whether they will be fixing these issues through the next update or not, fans still had their hopes high. And now, Epic Games has released the much-awaited update 8.50 of the game which has brought a fix for some major issues present in Fortnite.

New Limited Time Mode

The latest update of Fortnite has also added the new Avengers: End Game event to the game. In it, players have to either join Team Thanos or Heroes and then fight against each other. The Team Thanos basically will have to collect all six infinity stones, while The Heroes will have to do everything they can to stop them. Players will also get the chance to use some amazing items from The Avengers such as Captain America’s shield and Iron Man’s gloves.

What Update 8.50 Will Fix

In addition to adding a new Limited Time Mode in the game, the update has also brought a fix for some major issues of the game. A few days ago, Epic Games decided to ask fans about their feedback regarding the issues they were facing in the game. Many players came forward and shared the issues which were ruining their gameplay experience. And now, those players will be glad to know that the majority of the issues they were facing will be fixed after they install the update.

Hold to Swap and Skydiving Issue Is Now Fixed

Fortnite update 8.50 has brought a fix for the Hold to Swap bug. For those who don’t know, instead of swapping a weapon, the Hold to Swap feature was just dropping a weapon from the player’s inventory. This was ruining the gameplay experience of many players, but fans will be relieved to see a fix for it. In addition to this, the update also brings a fix for the issue because of which players were not entering the skydiving mode after they were rebooted.

Traps Will Be Now Placed Against the Wall

Traps were also getting placed in the middle of a tile after the previous update, and this thing was bothering many players. However, the developers have decided to fix this issue through the recent update and hopefully, they will be placed against the wall now. The issue which was causing the Reboot Card to keep playing its sound even after the player was disconnected has also been fixed through the new update.

In addition to this, many other issues have also been fixed and some improvements have been done to the gameplay. Players can also now enjoy the new Avengers-themed Limited Time Mode event, through which they can jump into a battle against the mightiest villain out there. If the developers have not added a fix for a certain issue in the new update, then chances are that it will be fixed through the next update.