It seems like the speculations were true after all as Fortnite will be getting an Avengers: End Game event this week. That’s right, fans of Avengers will be glad to hear that they will be able to jump into the game while supporting their favourite characters.

Previous Speculations About the Event

Earlier this week, many speculations and rumours started coming to the surface claiming that an Avengers: End Game event will soon take place in the game. The first time it was hinted was when data miners discovered some lines linked to The Avengers in the game’s files. The second time was when the actor who plays the role of Iron Man in the critically acclaimed Avengers series, Robert Downey Jr was seen promoting Fortnite through his shirt.

What basically happened was that Epic’s creative director posted a picture on Twitter with Robert Downey Jr where the actor was seen wearing a shirt which had Fortnite written on it. Shortly after the picture was posted, many fans believed that the two are up to something and that we will get to see something exciting in the game very soon.

Avengers: End Game Event Coming to Fortnite

The official Twitter account of Fortnite basically posted a picture of a character holding the shield of Captain America. Nothing major was posted along with it, except for a caption “Whatever it takes.” In addition to this, the tweet also revealed that the event will go live on April 25th, the same day Avengers: End Game is releasing in the theatres.

Those who have been playing the game since last year know that this is the second collaboration of Fortnite with Marvel. The first one happened last year, which introduced a Thanos limited time event. In that event, one player could take control of Thanos, while other had to take him down. However, this year’s event is expected to be bigger than the previous one, as Epic Games will want to give its fan something even more exciting this time.

What to Expect from The Event?

One thing we can surely expect to see in the upcoming event is the return of Thanos. In addition to this, we might even get to see some new characters from the Marvel Universe in the game. The new event can also introduce some new challenges in the game, and offer amazing rewards through them. We will most probably get to see the most powerful version of Thanos, while players might be able to take control of famous characters such as Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man to take him down.

At the moment, we don’t know a lot about the upcoming crossover in-game event of Fortnite and Avengers: End Game except for when it will go live. Other than that, the picture posted on Twitter hints that Captain America will have a really important role to play during the event. In any case, fans are surely going to eagerly wait for the event to go live.