Fortnite is full of new items and packages being introduced time after time on the Battle Royale map. This time the players have speckled a black military helicopter hovering over the boundary of the map and making a landing every day at different places. Moreover, a new digging site has also appeared near the peripheries of the Paradise Palms. Till now nothing solid has been explained about these new additions to the map but it is certain that they are meant for the Season 9.

The Black Military Helicopter was first seen over the boundaries of Lazy Lagoon, where it remained for some time and moved onto another location near to Lazy Lagoon. Since that day, the Mystery Chopper has been on the move and there is no distinguishable pattern with which it could be tracked.

It has been hypothesized that the movement of the chopper is dependent upon the introduction of heli-themed item in the Item Shop. Anyway, the helicopter has been on a circular round over the Battle Royale Island. The Red Marks below shows the heli’s previous destinations while black marks represent current location.

The black chopper has nearly completed its round over the map and it is expected that it will be back at the Lazy Lagoon after one more stop. Until now there are no clues about what could happen once the helicopter completes its round over the map. But there are a few hints which are quite evident pointing to the mysterious helicopter.

The chopper looks like a military helicopter which was used in the Vietnam War the UH-1 Huey. Some of the players have even pointed out that they have seen Black and Yellow color scheme like the Government Vehicles that were seen in the Season 4 which are now being ruined and collected around the research facility in Dusty Divot.

A few players are conjecturing that the Chopper is a part of the same group and has been brought in to look for more Hop Rocks which might have been left behind after the meteor had hit the map. If looked closely, it can be seen that the helicopter is bedecked with a powerful camera or a telescope showing that there has been some sort of search going on.

Like a new chopper hovering over the map, players have discovered that there is a digging site near the fringes of Paradise Palms. The excavation site is currently enclosed by a barbed wire fencing and looks like some heavy duty construction equipment. The players can mine the excavation site themselves in which there could be a collection of some bones of the Dinosaurs.

Now the question arises whether there could be any target set to dig the bones or this excavation is some sort of treasure hunt teasing the players since the start of this season. Now considering both the additions it is evident that there is a player with lots of resources on the Island for treasure hunt. Whatever the case may be, there are no doubts that as soon as the helicopter completes its round, there will be more details coming. So, every player should stay awake and get prepared for the in store items.