Fortnite competitive players will be glad to know that The Baller and other vehicles have finally returned. Earlier this month, they were disabled from the competitive modes because of a game breaking bug which was putting many players at a disadvantage. However, after fixing the bug, Epic Games has now decided to add them once again in all the competitive modes. This means that players can finally jump into the Arena mode and get some eliminations by using their favourite vehicles.

Why the Vehicles Were Disabled

For those who don’t know, last week, many players were facing some issues with the vehicles in the game. What basically happened was that whenever a player entered The Baller or any other vehicle, he was unable to get out. Not only this, but some players were also unable to enter these vehicles. This basically put many players at a disadvantage as some of them were able to use them, while some just couldn’t. In addition to this, those who got stuck in them were just sitting ducks as anyone could come and eliminate them.

Some popular Fortnite players were also getting affected by this bug during the ongoing Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers. As many players started complaining about this issue, Epic Games simply decided to disable them for some time. Although this decision was not appreciated by some players as they were using vehicles during the qualifiers, some of them still managed to achieve the first place without relying on them.

Arena and Fortnite World Cup – Vehicle Update from r/FortniteCompetitive

The Vehicles Are Now Back

After one-week, Epic Games has now fixed the vehicle bug through the recent 9.10 update, which also addressed some other issues present in the game. In addition to this, Epic Games has also confirmed that the vehicles will be enabled in the next round of the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers. This basically means that players who would previously rely on vehicles to get some kills will be able to do the same again.

At the moment, players are hoping that the vehicle issue will remain fixed now. In the past, there have been many times when an issue continues to bother players even after it is fixed. However, even if the issue remains the same after the fix, we can expect Epic Games to instantly fix it as they will not want to ruin the ongoing qualifiers anymore.

On the other hand, some top players have been struggling to qualify for the World Cup Finals. Ninja, the top Fortnite streamer, has failed to qualify for the solo as well as the duo portion of World Cup Finals. During the previous round, which was duos based, Ninja and his teammate Reverse2k failed to qualify by only two points. The latter has also left many of his fans disappointed as he has failed to secure a spot in the finals since the qualifiers begin. However, as he performed really well during the previous round, many currently believe that he will finally make his fans happy during this week’s qualifier round.