So here’s the scoop. Epic games know how to keep the players interested in their game and they do this by keeping the servers running smoothly and cultivating a ton of activity. With weekly updates, challenges and weapon drops – players are always kept on their toes.  The developers have introduced special events towards the end of each season. Since Fortnite has approached the end to its very successful 4th season – a fun surprise awaited.

Just a day ago, Epic games launched a rift event that included a cascade of lightning emanating from skies that would strike the desert areas on the map. It was all very mysterious and spectacular – made more apparent to players by streamers like Ninja and U/ulus10 as they farmed cacti. The lightning would get progressively faster and periodically destroy various cacti across the map. The rift eventually died down and the aftermath was a glorious purple cube that appeared to have come from another.


Credits: Polygon

Many players were fascinated by the peculiar inter-dimensional cube and attempted to interact with it in various ways. Many tried to strike it with their pic-axe, only to be driven away by a force that was repellant in nature. The might of the force propelled players and it also incurred some damage. As the players bounced away – they also started to generate shields as If they had consumed a ‘slurp juice’. Some were brazen enough to shoot the mysterious object, only to be struck with an angry bolt of lightning that could present with a potentially deadly outcome.

Many people have speculated the origins of this cube and have attempted to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Here are some of the popular theories:

More than one cube?

Due to the presence of multiple rifts, there remains a possibility of more cube drops. It could very well be a one odd event but players should keep their eyes peeled in areas that underlay the rifts for the possibility of another drop.


The tale of the Enforcer?

This is a very loosely placed theory as Fortnite doesn’t quite have that story aspect to it for its characters. What gives this idea some traction is the story of Drift and Enforcer – a fresh skin that was a result of the recent Road trip challenge. If the Enforcer is somehow connected to these inter-dimensional cubesthen it will most likely be showcased on the loading screens.

Multiple maps?

It could also be a very decent probability that the cubes trigger a cataclysmic phenomenon that reveals a series of new map additions. This idea would however be a very challenging task for the developers.

Limited time mode?

These modes are known to add some desired narrative in the game. This mysterious cube could very well serve the purpose of some needed story telling.

Hope this article helped those who missed out on these particularly amazing events, catch up.