Those who play the popular battle royale title are aware of how much skins cost in the game. Getting your hands on them isn’t easy if you don’t have enough money. Not only this, but it is almost impossible for you to afford them if you’re just a kid and don’t earn money yourself. And now, it seems like some kids are getting bullied because they don’t own any skins.

Kids Are Getting Bullied in Fortnite

According to a report, people are bullying kids who don’t have any latest skins in Fortnite. Such kids are being referred to as “defaults” and this is happening outside the game too. What’s basically going on is that some players are targeting other players who have basic skins and are calling them defaults.

All of this has led to kids begging their parents for money so they can buy some premium skins. Fortnite is basically a free to play title and parents who don’t have a lot of money to spend on video games don’t have to worry about buying this game. However, the experience of players who cannot spend a lot of money on their games is getting ruined because of some bullies.

We have also seen a number of videos on YouTube in which a group of people will surround a character who has basic skins and the bully him. Such videos have millions of views, indicating that this problem is getting bigger and bigger every day. Although many players are against this, there are still some players who enjoy making fun of someone’s financial condition.

Parents Are Now Worried

With kids now continuously asking for money, parents all over the world are worried about what their children have gotten himself into. Although this is something like complaining about not having a cell phone or some latest gadget, it’s sad to see this happening in a game like Fortnite. Some time ago, it was reported that a kid stole her mother’s credit card so that he could purchase something in the game.

If things like these continue to happen, then many parents might even consider stopping their kids from playing such games. In the past, many parents have taken it to social media to talk about the addiction of their children to such games. Even in countries like Iraq, popular battle royale titles such as PUBG and Fortnite were banned. The reason behind the ban was that their government thought that the youth of their country is getting addicted to the game to a great extent, something which is making them focus less on their studies.

On the other hand, Fortnite season 9 is also about to begin. The teaser image of the upcoming season revealed that it will feature a futuristic theme. Not only this, but we also got to see the very first skin that will be added in the game with season 9. Players can also expect to see some exciting new challenges once the new season starts.