Fortnite season 10 is all set to begin in early August, and players just can’t wait for it to arrive. Epic Games is well known for introducing major changes to their battle royale title when a new season arrives, and they have always tried their best to keep the game playable for everyone. However, it seems as they have finally decided to make some serious changes to the game with season 10 as its PC system requirements are going to chance.

Fortnite Will Not Support DirectX 10 Graphics Card Anymore

You heard it right, Epic Games has officially confirmed that when season 10 begins, Fortnite is not going to support DirectX 10 graphics card anymore. This basically means only those who have a card compatible with DirectX 11 will be able to run the game. So, if you don’t have on yet, you better start saving some money as you will need to upgrade your graphics card once season 10 arrives.

Epic Games Wants to Optimize the Game Further

Epic Games stated that although they have always kept a DirectX 11 capable graphics card a requirement for Fortnite, they have still provided support for players who have an older graphics card. The reason behind this was that they wanted players with older graphics card to keep playing and enjoying the game. However, they now want to further optimize the Fortnite experience for all players and to do that, they are no longer going to support older graphics cards.

One thing to keep in mind here is that a DirectX 1 capable card is not something worth a lot of dollars, so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money if you’re planning to upgrade. Any card since the GeForce GTS 450 or the Raedon HD 5450 will do just fine. These cards were released back in 2010 and they don’t come with a big price tag.

Upgrading Won’t Be A Problem

Almost every other new game these days demands a DirectX 11 capable graphics card. Even most of the PC gamers out there already have a DX11 capable card installed in their systems. If you don’t, then you still don’t have to worry a lot as you can upgrade easily.

Many fans are surely excited to hear that Epic Games is going to optimize the game even further when season 10 arrives. This means that we can expect to see some improvements to the graphics and gameplay in August. In addition to this, the developers might be even planning to release a new map with the upcoming season. At the moment, even without high-end graphics card, the developers have managed to introduce some really amazing things in the game. This further confirms that we can expect to see much better things in Fortnite season 10. All we can do is wait and see what the developers have planned for their popular battle royale title.