Having reached the end of Season 7 of Fortnite , wondering what the next season holds is inevitable. So a new theory gains strength in the face of Season 8 with the possible explosion of a nuclear missile that would devastate the map that we know almost completely.

After the error at the end of the 14 days of Fortnite, Epic Games made up for it in the first place giving away the Delta Equalizer Wing , although afterwards they compensated even more by extending the challenges to an extra week. Was it a compensation or was it all studied? Many believe that this may be second and that the Equalizer is a hidden teaser in the face of Season 8 of Fortnite.

A total map change or a new map?

The users of Reddit discovered that in the Equalizer a sticker can be seen in which the following message is read: “Alert! Nuclear missile launched”, and although this may remind the rocket launched by the Visitor in the fourth season, the truth is that this was not equipped with a nuclear warhead.

Even with this, we must not forget the dragon eggs of the Polar Peak, whose melting can even unveil the majestic creature that could also lead to the start of Season 8.

A total map change seems complicated after two drastic changes in two seasons such as the inclusion of Oasis Ostentoso or the arrival of the iceberg, but Epic Games already announced in its Frequently Asked Questions that “They will add more maps , but after a while. Right now its plan is to continue improving the current map and add more points of interest. So the nuclear explosion could be a baiteo, or a warning for Season 8, Season 9 or why not, choose the round number of Season 10.

New Sniper

Among suggestions, leaks and rumors, during this Christmas there has been a long talk about this rifle with silencer that is now a reality after the arrival of the third content update.

In these two weeks of vacation Fortnite was presented with small changes, since much of the team of Epic Games were on a vacation. Since the developer have extended two extra weeks in the current battle pass of Season 7. With the first update arrived the gifts full of legendary items; with the second came the terror of constructions, the stereo; and now in this third and last content update has been presented the rifle with silencer, which owing to the leaks was expected by many players.

As with any weapon with a silencer, it will have less damage than its current legendary successor. A price not too significant to pay for the stealth and the enormous advantage that this new weapon implies, especially in solo games. Although with or without silencer, with a good shot to the head nobody lives.

The time has come for the shooters, and the fear they will inflict on their enemies across the map.