The history of Fortnite in the world of electronic sports is quite short. It is a game that is little more than a year old and that its first competitive steps began to give about six months ago. During this time the interest has been growing little by little and great players have been making  a hole in the scene.

The first major regular tournament was the Summer Skirmish. Since then they have been evolving, polishing errors and improving details. This has had a direct impact on the number of players interested in the Fortnite tournaments.

This is not a hypothesis, it’s real data. In the Winter Royale , the last major competition of Fortnite , nine million players were reached, between North America and Europe, during the qualifiers.

What can we expect from 2019?

At Epic Games they are aware of where the strong point is. The key is that everyone has access to the game and can participate in competitive tournaments and face the best.

However, they have also learned from their mistakes and are clear that there are certain aspects that must change. That’s why they want to take advantage of the month of January to do a series of internal tests that allow them to improve the competitive system.

The main objective, as confirmed by Twitter and Reddit several workers of Epic, is to create a new tournament system with live leaderboards , elimination rounds, etc.

All this should be reflected in the tournaments that are coming to the client in the coming weeks. The objective of the company is clear: to arrive in perfect conditions to the World Championship  that will be held at the end of this year.

The World Cup

The competitive future of Fortnite is getting closer, the title of Epic Games bet big for the esports with 100 million dollars in prizes , and have presented the Fortnite World Cup 2019 in Fortnite Pro-Am.

Epic Game has expressed its interest in supporting the events and competition organized by the community. These events will be an open invitation to everyone to participate. This will give the players to secure qualification through the qualifiers for the World Cup.

Epic will be supporting the competition by $ 100 million in prizes. The competition will include solo and co-op competitions. So we can expect a similar style in the World Cup.

Epic Games has made this competition thinking specifically about the players, and that qualifying to the Fortnite World Cup will be based mainly on merit. Epic will not sell equipment or franchises, nor will it allow third parties to do so. Soon they will publish the rules of the tournament, the code of conduct of the players, specifications on the different platforms and the initial calendar for the fall of 2018.

In less than a year since its launch, Fortnite has 125 million players , a figure that only confirms a phenomenon that is on everyone’s lips. Can the Epic Games title become the absolute king of esports?