Epic Games releases a new update that reduces the massive game-size of Fortnite for PC users. The update 14.40 brings a lot of changes for PC gamers. The new version of the game is now under 30 GB, which previously was around 90 GB. All thanks to Epic Games and the developers of the game, the optimization really works in the new update. The development team shares this huge news for PC gamers through a Tweet on 21st October about the new update 14.40. In this new era of esports, big games consume a lot of storage on the device. For example, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare holds around 240GB space on the PC. With Epic Games reducing the size of the game to just 30 GB, Fortnite’s fans are really happy.

27 GB Update

Fortnite tweets about the massive update in the game to go live on the 21st of October. The update is 27 GB of size and will focus on the optimization of the game mostly. The update is larger than any former update in the game and the developers say that there is a reason for that. The developers of the game say that the previous 90 GB is going to flush out and the new version of the game will only take 27 GB of space on your PC. It is great news for PC gamers.

The new Changes

The new update does not only focus on reducing the size of the game. However, it brings a lot of new things for the fans as well. The update focuses on removing multiple bugs from the previous patch. The new update also lets you create portals in the Creative mode of the game. This means you can make custom games during the matchmaking. Along with this, a birthday cake for the 3rd birthday of Fortnite is going to be there in the Indoor Residential Prop Gallery. Similarly, a lot of weapon fixes, bug removal, and gameplay changes come in the new update.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare also receives multiple updates since its release. The game now crosses the 270 GB space-mark for PC gamers. The developers recently released the Halloween update for the game which holds another 20 GB. However, the game allows the players to uninstall any unwanted mode of the game to cover the extra space. Players can remove Multiplayer mode, Campaign, and Special Ops from the game to save around 130 GB of space. 

Meanwhile, Fortnite focuses on reducing the game size as much as possible. The new update with very few space consumption is going to save a lot of troubles for PC gamers. The players with low space PC’s can also enjoy the game from now on. The new update 14.40 is live and players can download and install it. Epic Games is facing a lot of praise from the fans for this new update as it brings a lot of new things to the game.